Network president Zhang Xiangdong talk about domain name registration

Moderator: you earn the first money comes from which company?

Moderator: is equal to

was registered.

There is a

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Hungry, and so take a number of undocumented unlicensed stores and photos do not match

team managers, usually on the computer with this office.

every day at ten in the morning, before the delivery of all the staff in front of the shops will be opened early, and then started to pick up a single. However, the day after the meeting, the distribution team in 1/3 of the people did not leave, but went to the store, waiting.

every time, on the same computer, another staff in the above operation. To reporters surprised that he actually opened the five hungry what online shop orders client. Are ENJOY, Hello, for a long time when fragrant curry, delicacy, Taipei cure you bang bang. While waiting for delivery staff, also from a small window in the mouth, out of packing boxes, out room. read more

From the national drug holding online selling drugs to talk about the core of e-commerce

review: Chinese medicine Cmi Holdings Ltd vice president Wu Aimin told the "daily economic news" reporter said: "we plan this year can be B2C this was officially launched, currently has no intention of the agreement, everything is still under discussion. We have a number of companies, including Dangdang, including the field of inquiry and contact. Of course, do not rule out and Dangdang cooperation, which does not rule out our own online B2C channels to do."

This is

from the Internet recently saw a news about B2C, now with the development and popularization of Internet, more and more enterprises to participate in e-commerce business, whether private or state-owned enterprises, whether it is still in the Department of medicine, bring convenience to our online shopping, but also to bring a lot of small owners some confidence, because of the development of electronic commerce is still in high speed period. read more

Chen Hu respond to music Amoy new financing collar investment is not finalized financing or 1 months

speed transit network December 21st news today, media reports said that the domestic footwear site Amoy music will start a new round of large-scale financing, the amount of financing or over 200 million yuan. More industry voice said that after the completion of the financing, music Amoy network is likely to set off a price war in the footwear market.

Chen Hu, vice president of

music Amoy network in conjunction with the speed transit network, said after the tiger fund investment, there has been constant venture and music to keep contact. As for the financing of investors, said Chen tiger, Tiger Fund and Germany should continue with the capital investment. The lead cast who eventually fall, Chen said that the music Amoy financing by CEO Bi Sheng to negotiate, finalized Bi Sheng will be informed in detail. read more

By selling products on SEO million a month experience

SEO said the biggest way is to give yourself SEO and give up the garbage station, I talk about how I do a monthly income of ten thousand, (believeitornot).

When the

at the beginning of 09, I began to search for products by optimizing their online selling, at first I find Alibaba and then go to GG, click to see how much there is promotion fee (the more the better description of the product after earn) and find a good product, find a local Yellow Pages, to see if there is no such production enterprises the results for a period of time, the search, I confirmed the product. Tensile testing machine, we can go to the GG advertising push wide search click on how much is the cost, after the site optimization, the natural ranking of the first is my website. Then I found manufacturers, I found that their products are the profits, the final profit to me thirty percent to 40, under normal circumstances, these two kinds of products on the Internet are sold only 10000 I will sell about 8000, business is not good to blame. read more

.mobi no real value, do.Com copycat

Beijing is not what a good search keywords, but because of the Olympic Games to enhance their incoming value overnight, more important is the number of newspaper media in search of Beijing site depends on the powerful Beijing daily newspaper group consists in propaganda, then the newspaper publicity quickly in the professional portal network spread, the spread seems to improve the visibility, but let people advantage of the loophole, so someone will Shandong registered, and to define it as "Beijing search". read more

ndia will start the richest man in the electricity supplier market announced the launch of online b

[Abstract] KPMG statistics show that India e-commerce market to 2020 total sales is expected to reach $36 billion 700 million.

Tencent Francisco April 5th message, belonging to the India, the largest producer of plastic Xincheng Industrial (Reliance Industries Ltd.)’s reliance retail companies (Reliance Retail Ltd) Company in the local time on Saturday said the company plans to launch a new fast fashion and lifestyle of e-commerce business.

is reported that reliance retail companies by India energy tycoon, India’s richest man Mukesh – (Mukesh) control, and on Friday announced the establishment of the Ambani. But just a day later, the retail companies announced through its website to enter the local market is very competitive e-commerce. After entering this market, reliance retail companies will compete directly with Amazon, India online fashion shopping mall Myntra these platforms. read more

Double eleven not fired, Ali and Jingdong first hit a trademark battle

tiger sniffing note: there are more than and 10 days, "double eleven" came to the past, electricity providers, express little brother, cut the hand of the party who is the festival of the protagonist, who wanted to participate in the shopping Carnival square is not carnival, its trademark and related lawyers are advance into play.

at the trademark of deadly weapons

has no intention to see Jingdong received a lawyer’s letter Ali had to give up the double eleven promotion news search entrance through several Trademark Office website, found Ali not only in early 2011 to Alibaba collective Holdings Limited in the name of the thirty-fifth categories of applications and in December 2012 10136470th, "double eleven" trademark, and in thirty-fifth, 38, 41 other related categories on the application and registration of "double eleven" and "double eleven" Carnival and a series of defensive trademark, the trademark registration to protect eleven double tight. It seems very good in Ali to build two before eleven advance brand protection network effectively, and in the Jingdong showdown in addition to win war weapons trademark battle weapon. It is often seen. mark in Commerce final case. read more

Baidu have ah VS YAHOO no ah

according to sources, Baidu online trading platform has been named as the "ah", and has registered the domain name earlier Baidu has invited million seller in the new platform internal test. It is believed that Baidu is about to announce officially launched a new platform for network transaction. Baidu e-commerce division is responsible for this rumor will not buy.

according to a long-term interest in the domain name registration sources said, Baidu investment platform respectively in September 24th, October 7th launched two times on the platform and the domain name speculation vote, "ah" in the name of the first round of voting did not appear to increase the list of candidate but vote in October 7th, and the day of the query name of the corresponding domain name, found in a poll of "ah" youa.Com,.Cn,,, etc.. China domain have made a protective registration, even some of the popular.Mobi,.Cc,.Hk,.Biz and. read more

Dark horse Skype price adjustment notice


Hello everyone!

from the beginning of January 18th, Skype price adjustment: 0.2 yuan / registered +0.25 yuan / active +8%CPS.

the purpose of this price adjustment is to increase the proportion of active users, so, while lowering the registration price, we also support the introduction of incentive policies, as follows:

1) in the weekly (NATURAL week), the cumulative data to register the amount of > =750 active / registration ratio > =25%, the user will be in accordance with 0.2 yuan / registered +0.3 yuan active +8%CPS into payment; read more

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