Report Shows Tobacco Prevention Programs Underfunded Nationwide

first_imgTwitterFacebook FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare Report Shows Tobacco Prevention Programs Underfunded NationwideDECEMBER 14TH, 2018 MITCH ANGLE ILLINOIS, INDIANA, KENTUCKYDecember 14th, 2018 marks 20 years since a landmark tobacco settlement and an annual report says tobacco prevention and cessation programs continue to get shortchanged.The settlement awarded over $27 billion to fund tobacco prevention programs throughout the U.S., yet studies show that some states severely underfund these programs.According to the Tobacco Settlement Annual Report, progress has been made in reducing smoking rates in the last two decades to a low 14% nationwide. However, the report shows that smoking rates are on the rise in some Midwestern and southern states and among certain population groups. Those groups include people who live below the poverty level, those with less education, American Indians/Alaska Natives, the LGBT community, and those who are uninsured or on Medicaid.The report says that not a single state currently funds tobacco prevention programs at the level recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and only two states, Alaska and California, provide more than 70% of the recommended funding.Locally, the report shows that Indiana is spending 10% to 24% of CDC recommended funding on tobacco prevention programs. The report also says Illinois is spending less than 10% of the recommended funds, with Kentucky having allocated no state funds for prevention programs.The report touches on the youth using e-cigarettes, an issue that has been dubbed an epidemic. It’s believed the use of them have skyrocketed due to the popularity of Juul, which is seen as a challenged that should be addressed to prevent another generation from becoming addicted to nicotine.Click here to read the report in its entirety.last_img read more

All Indiana BMV branches closed on Wednesday for Veterans Day

first_imgIndianaLocalNews Google+ By 95.3 MNC – November 10, 2020 0 215 Facebook Facebook WhatsApp Pinterest Twitter WhatsApp (Photo supplied/Elkhart Truth) All Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicle branches will be closed on Wednesday, Nov. 11 in observance of the Veterans Day holiday.Branches resume regularly scheduled business hours on Thursday, Nov. 12.For a complete list of branch locations and hours, to complete an online transaction, or to find a 24-hour BMV Connect kiosk visit Twitter Google+ Pinterest All Indiana BMV branches closed on Wednesday for Veterans Day Previous articleIU Law Prof: President Trump could have tough court battleNext articleThe favorite Thanksgiving side dishes in Indiana, Michigan are… 95.3 MNCNews/Talk 95.3 Michiana’s News Channel is your breaking news and weather station for northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan.last_img read more

Boy, 14, faces murder and child molestation charges connected to death of New Carlisle…

first_imgIndianaLocalNews Facebook Pinterest Boy, 14, faces murder and child molestation charges connected to death of New Carlisle girl Pinterest Google+ (“Court Gavel – Judge’s Gavel – Courtroom” by wp paarz, CC BY-SA 2.0) The 14-year-old boy teen arrested in connection with the death of a 6-year-old girl in New Carlisle has been charged with murder and child molestation.Grace Ross was reported missing by her family in the early evening hours of March 12. Her body was found after a two-hour search in a wooded area and the teen suspect was arrested shortly afterward.Ross died due to asphyxiation. Her death was ruled a homicide.The teen faces murder, felony murder and child molestion charges.As of now, the boy is still in the juvenile justice system.A judge must grant a waiver submitted by the state to transfer the case to superior court, according to the South Bend Tribune. That’s a move Ross’s family would like to see happen. WhatsApp Twitter Facebook WhatsApp Google+ By Jon Zimney – March 22, 2021 0 175 Twitter Previous articleReport: South Bend now tops for robberies in IndianaNext articleSouth Bend man on probation faces new sexual misconduct charges Jon ZimneyJon Zimney is the News and Programming Director for News/Talk 95.3 Michiana’s News Channel and host of the Fries With That podcast. Follow him on Twitter @jzimney.last_img read more

Warburtons makes deal with the French

first_imgWarburtons’ bread loaves are set to land on supermarket shelves in France this year.Despite the bread brand’s recent delisting in Sainsbury’s 440 Local stores, Warburtons is set to make one of its biggest export deals in its history. As part of the Bolton-based bakery’s extensive roll-out programme throughout Europe, three varieties of its bread loaves will appear in around 100 supermarkets in Paris and the surrounding area.Warburtons additionally told British Baker that it would be activating its tourist plan imminently aimed at Spain, which will involve distributing its wrapped bread to retailers in Malaga, Alicante and the Balearic Islands.Jonathan Warburton, chairman at Warburtons, said in an interview with The Sun: “I can’t wait to see a Warbies truck going down the Champs-Elysées — I wouldn’t care if there wasn’t any bread in it! We are as British a business as you could find.“We employ people almost exclusively in Britain apart from one person in the Czech Republic. But I’ve learnt over my career if you stand still you go backwards all the time. We are as desperate to grow the business as my dad was 25 years ago.”British Baker reported back in October 2011 that the British bread business was trialling its products via Tesco stores in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary to support the “growing demand for wholesome and quality wrapped bread across Europe”.The company released a statement, which said: “Over the last ten months, we’ve been tracking the project and are pleased with the initial progress which has been made. The products have been well received and the quality is the best in the market.”Feedback from our partner, Tesco, has also been positive. In fact, in December 2011 they reaffirmed their commitment to forming a long-term partnership. Our presence in these markets is enabling them to improve the quality of the bakery category – using our high quality standards as a benchmark/cataylst for local producers. This is a long-term project for our family business.”last_img read more

Nobel Laureate Nadia Murad tells of her escape from ISIS

first_imgOn Aug. 3, 2014, Islamic State militants launched an attack on the Yazidi people in Sinjar, northern Iraq, the homeland of approximately 500,000 Yazidis. ISIS killed and captured thousands of people in the small religious community because the militants consider them to be infidels and their religion to be devil worshipping. Many Yazidis fled to nearby Mount Sinjar, a sacred place in their community for more than a thousand years.Nadia Murad was 21 years old in 2014 when her peaceful life on the family farm in Kocho was forever changed. ISIS militants killed her mother and six of her brothers. She was captured, along with many other women, and forced into sexual slavery for several months. Since her escape, she has been advocating for victims of sexual violence and working to rebuild communities in crisis. In 2018, she was selected as a co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.The Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, together with the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, invited Nadia Murad to Harvard University to deliver the Samuel L. and Elizabeth Jodidi Lecture on April 3 in the Memorial Church. Murad spoke to WCFIA faculty associate Jennifer Leaning, an expert in public health and rights-based responses to humanitarian crises, through the help of Yazidi translator Shahnaz Osso. Their conversation focused on Murad’s upbringing and trajectory of her life and work since the attack. The the full conversation, including video and transcript, can be found here. Read Full Storylast_img read more

Court hears firm employment agreement case

first_imgCourt hears firm employment agreement case Court hears firm employment agreement case Senior Editor A Florida Bar ethics opinion which held improper some types of employment agreements law firms require their attorneys to sign was challenged in the Florida Supreme Court last month, but justices seemed to indicate that the issue should go to trial first.At issue was a contract the Miami-based law firm of Becker & Poliakoff required firm associates and partners sign. It said, among other things, that if a lawyer leaves the firm and takes firm clients, the lawyer must pay Becker & Poliakoff 50 percent of the fees earned on new work from the client for a period of two years or perhaps longer.The Bar, in Ethics Opinion 93-4, said such a provision placed a restriction on a lawyer’s right to practice law, in contravention of Bar Rule 4-5.6. The Board of Governors ratified that opinion in 1995 over the objections of several firms, including Becker & Poliakoff.In 1998, Becker & Poliakoff made a claim against a nonequity partner who left and took several clients. The firm asked for 50 percent of the revenues. The Bar responded by opening a grievance file on the firm, and Becker & Poliakoff filed a federal lawsuit seeking to stop the Bar’s grievance action.The two sides met and agreed to halt the legal actions and the grievance matter and to seek an opinion from the Supreme Court on Ethics Opinion 93-4. But the justices repeatedly questioned attorneys for both sides on whether it would have been better to let the lawsuit proceed and reach the court that way.“The trial court could make a determination of your contract, and then you could proceed through the system like any other case,” Chief Justice Charles Wells said.Former Bar President Gerald Richman, representing Becker & Poliakoff, argued the firm would be subject to a grievance if it used that route, and that there was a sufficient dispute for the court to act.But Justice Fred Lewis asked, “Why not have facts ferreted out in a lower court? We’re not in the fact-finding business.”Tallahassee attorney Barry Richard, representing the Bar, told the court: “The only question that justifies us being here today is whether the court wants to address the broader policy of whether the rule allows these kinds of agreements.” He agreed with Richman the court could act.Richman argued that law firms, especially small and medium-sized practices, need such restrictive employment agreements to protect their investments in recruiting and training lawyers, and in setting up new offices. In the case before the court, he said Becker & Poliakoff went to the expense of opening an Orlando office and recruiting clients only to see the attorney running the office leave, take an associate and many of the clients.“What we’re talking about is a very important issue, the stability of small and medium-sized law firms,” Richman argued. If medium-sized firms can’t protect their investments from opening new offices and recruiting clients, then they will lose money, and the result will be only very large firms and sole practitioners, he added. That would hurt both the public and the legal profession, he said.Richard agreed some law firms might be hurt by the interpretation of Rule 4-5.6, but said it was more important to protect the principle that lawyers cannot enter into agreements that restrict their right to practice law.The principle protects clients, who have a right to be represented by lawyers they choose, because of the special fiduciary relationship lawyers assume. Under Richman’s proposal, he added, lawyers might have to warn clients at initial interviews that the clients might have to change attorneys if that lawyer leaves the firm.The Becker & Poliakoff agreement may also violate Bar rules, Richard said, which prohibit sharing fees with lawyers who don’t work on or assume any responsibility for a case.The court held the oral argument on October 4 in The Florida Bar Re: Becker & Poliakoff, P.A., case no. 97,130. November 1, 2000 Gary Blankenship Senior Editor Regular Newslast_img read more

Puerto Rico’s residents deserve better

first_imgPost reporters detailed an island plunged into darkness, with roads impassable, communications knocked out and the economy at a standstill.The New York Times detailed the impacts on health care, with hospitals running low on medicine, seriously ill patients going without proper treatment and an increasing risk of people getting sick – and dying – from contaminated water.The Guardian reported on food shortages, with federal emergency workers unable to meet the demand for providing meals.“We feel completely abandoned here,” the mayor of Yabucoatold Post reporters. Maria was the strongest storm to hit Puerto Rico in nearly a century.There is no minimizing its catastrophic effects, nor the logistical challenges of getting help to an island already suffering from poor infrastructure and long-standing financial problems.But none of that excuses the federal government’s sluggish response and poor planning. Categories: Editorial, OpinionThe following editorial appeared in The Washington Post:It has been three weeks since Hurricane Maria made devastating landfall in Puerto Rico.Three weeks — and 84 percent of the population is still without power.Only 63 percent has access to clean water, and just 60 percent of wastewater treatment plants are working.Food supplies are spotty, the health-care system is in crisis and people are dying.The death toll has risen to 45. If the Americans enduring these conditions lived in Connecticut or Montana or Arkansas, would we be counseling patience?Would we be blithely accepting predictions of another month — or more — to get power restored?No.There would be unending media coverage, people would be furious — and the president of the United States certainly wouldn’t be threatening to abandon federal relief efforts.The state of affairs would simply be seen as unacceptable, which it is.The 3.4 million American citizens who live in Puerto Rico are owed a far better response from their government than they have gotten these past three weeks.Conditions on the island remain grim and, in some instances, have been exacerbated by the delay in getting help.center_img Why, for example, as the Times reported, were only 82 patients sent to the hospital ship USNS Comfort over six days when there were so many more sick people in peril?Yet, almost incredibly, President Donald Trump on Thursday blasted out a trio of tweets seemingly trying to shame the U.S. territory for its current problems and putting its residents on notice that the federal government might pull out.So much for his promise to “be there every day” until the people of Puerto Rico are “safe and sound and secure.”It is time to stop treating the people of Puerto Rico like second-class citizens.Congress should give Puerto Rico the resources it needs.It also should exercise its oversight over the administration to demand answers on why, three weeks after disaster struck, so many Americans are still living in misery with so little hope for the future.More from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristslast_img read more

Questionable savings from charter change

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, Opinion More from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?Schenectady, Saratoga casinos say reopening has gone well; revenue down 30%EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motorists Mr. Altamari’s confidence in the savings he claims will accrue from a change to a city manager form depends heavily on the elimination of the four existing commissioners and the five full-time deputies.This assumption is especially stunning, since for all the interviewing, they like to say they did, the commission never talked to the deputies to find out what they do. Curiously, they haven’t actually eliminated these positions in the charter, but provided that the deputies will “serve at the pleasure of the City Manager.” (Section 8.09.)Mr. Altamari displays no understanding of how civil service and public employee unions figure into the elimination and reconfiguration of work responsibilities. City Hall isn’t the corporate world, where jobs are eliminated and employees assigned new responsibilities at the discretion of the boss.He and the Charter Commission and their supporters may find they are in for sticker shock when the true value of the work the deputies do is assigned to a new and more expensive civil service positions by the new city manager.Jane WeiheSaratoga Springscenter_img Re Oct. 15 letter, “Kelly supports better Spa City government”: Jeff Altamari, the architect of the Saratoga Springs Charter Commission’s misleading financial analysis of the proposed charter, may know Wall Street, but he doesn’t know Main Street.last_img read more

Female lawmakers to involve religious groups in bid to pass sexual violence bill

first_imgThe Legislative Women’s Caucus (KPP-RI) plans to engage religious organizations as campaigners in an effort to push the House of Representatives to pass the long-awaited sexual violence eradication bill into law.”They can come from any religion, be it Islam or not Islam. It’s time for religious organizations to take a part in the struggle,” KPP-RI general-secretary Luluk Nur Hamidah said as quoted by on Wednesday.The KPP-RI is currently preparing strategies to include the bill in next year’s National Legislation Program (Prolegnas) priority list, after being excluded from the 2020 list at the instigation of conservative elements in the House. In addition to involving religious group members in the fight to endorse the bill, the KPP-RI also plans to lobby leaders of various political parties to support the deliberation of the bill next year.Luluk said it aimed to gather five members of each political party faction at the House to join in proposing that the bill be included in next year’s Prolegnas. She is hopeful that a number of factions will join in the efforts.Lawmakers excluded the bill from the 2020 priority list during a meeting of the House Legislation Body (Baleg) in late May, claiming the deliberation of the bill was “complicated”. Activists bristled at the excuse, describing it as lazy and ignorant, as data showed high rates of sexual violence persisted in the country.Perpetrators of sexual violence are usually charged under the Criminal Code (KUHP), which is the product of colonial legislation, which activists claim is insufficient to accommodate the needs of citizens for security and freedom from various forms of sexual violence. The sexual violence eradication bill, if passed, would add forms of admissible evidence, such as victim statements, psychological reports, electronic information and other documents that provide an opportunity for the victim to meet evidentiary requirements – all of which are absent from the prevailing KUHP.While a number of Islamic organizations, including Nahdlatul Ulama’s (NU) women wing, Fatayat NU, voicing support for the bill, some more conservative Muslim groups, such as the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) faction at the House, have apparently expressed their opposition to the bill.Those who oppose it argue that the main problem of the bill is that it fails to include adultery as a sexual crime and therefore the bill, by omission, allows consensual sex outside of marriage and at the same time potentially criminalizes a husband who has sex with his wife without her consent.The National Commission on Violence Against Women (Komnas Perempuan), which helped in the drafting of the bill, has rejected these criticisms and says that the bill is merely aimed at eradicating sexual violence.The bill was first proposed in 2016 after the gang rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl in Bengkulu. (vny)Topics :last_img read more

Palm Beach’s latest development popular with locals

first_imgRenders of Sable at Palm Beach.Fifteen residences have already sold. More from news02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa18 hours ago02:37Gold Coast property: Sovereign Islands mega mansion hits market with $16m price tag2 days ago “Many of the purchasers already live in Jefferson Lane,” CBRE residential project marketing director Nick Clydsdale said. “They like that Sable is an owner-occupied focused project.”He said apartments at Sable featured large bedrooms, built-in wardrobes and kitchens with island benches and butler’s pantries.An open-plan design allows for an easy transition between to the outside balcony while floor to ceiling windows allow plenty of light to filter in. Most apartments also offer spectacular ocean views. Renders of Sable at Palm Beach. Renders of Sable at Palm Beach.GOLD Coasters have emerged as the biggest group of buyers at Sable on Palm.The luxury Palm Beach development on 88 Jefferson Lane features 39 two and three-bedroom apartments across seven levels. Renders of Sable at Palm Beach.Palm Beach has had a surge in new apartment projects hitting the market recently. “I think what separates Sable from other projects is it’s a boutique development with a Jefferson Lane address,” Mr Clydsdale said. “There hasn’t been any expense spared in the finishes with huge balconies, timber floors and high ceilings.” Renders of Sable at Palm Beach.Two-bedroom apartments are priced from $560,000 while three-bedrooms are from $1.15 million.Body corporate fees are from $59 per week. An onsite display is open daily from 10-3pm.last_img read more

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