New legal attack on Rasmea Odeh

first_imgThe following email from the Committee to Stop FBI Repression was released Aug. 5.Rasmea OdehAttorneys representing Palestinian-American icon Rasmea Odeh are pushing back against a new legal attack by federal prosecutors.In a July 21 filing, Rasmea’s defense team went on record as “strongly opposing” an attempt by prosecutors to subject her to questioning at a “mental examination” prior to an already scheduled Daubert hearing, which itself determines if an expert witness can testify at trial. This is especially important in Rasmea’s case, because the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that trial Judge Gershwin Drain erred in deciding that expert testimony concerning her mental state was irrelevant to her defense. That error led to Rasmea’s unjust conviction in 2014.On Nov. 29, Judge Drain will hear arguments as to whether Dr. Mary Fabri’s testimony is scientifically valid and applicable to the facts of the case. Recall that before the 2014 trial, Dr. Fabri, a nationally renowned clinical psychologist who has worked with torture survivors for over 25 years, was prepared to testify about how Rasmea’s Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), caused by the torture and rape she experienced at the hands of Israeli military interrogators in 1969, affected her answers to questions on complex immigration forms decades later in the U.S.The move by prosecutors to separately “examine” Rasmea before Judge Drain has even ruled on the admissibility of Dr. Fabri’s testimony is outrageous and meant to intimidate Rasmea. Such an examination is irrelevant as to whether Dr. Fabri’s testimony is reliable and applicable. Nothing asked of Rasmea would change Dr. Fabri’s credentials as an internationally recognized expert on PTSD, or her ability to opine on how Rasmea’s PTSD affected her mental state during any of the dates in question.Because the government’s request to examine Rasmea is in no way relevant to the admissibility of Dr. Fabri’s testimony, it is obviously designed to aggravate the symptoms of Rasmea’s PTSD and the suffering they cause her. The government knows that it cannot credibly attack Dr. Fabri, so it has instead chosen to harass Rasmea by seeking to subject her to this interrogation.In the defense filing, Rasmea’s attorneys write that there is a “grave risk that such a fundamentally adversarial interrogation — obviously designed to debunk her earnest PTSD defense — would gravely threaten a serious aggravation of her symptoms and the suffering they cause her.”The government’s request is also basically a challenge to Rasmea’s story, an attempt to claim that she does not have PTSD and that she did not get brutalized by the Israeli authorities almost 50 years ago. This is a dirty political move by the prosecution, but Rasmea remains steadfast and strong, and will not allow the government to punish her for exercising her constitutional right to assert a meaningful defense. While the prosecution will renew its request to examine Rasmea if Judge Drain orders a new trial, we will continue to oppose such underhanded and transparent scare tactics.From the very beginning, the Rasmea Defense Committee has pointed out that the legal proceedings against Rasmea are nothing but a pretext to intimidate those who fight hard to realize a free Palestine. Demonstrations in support of her have taken place across the U.S. since her arrest in 2013, and we are again going all out for Detroit on Sept. 22.We will rally at the courthouse at 231 W. Lafayette Blvd., in downtown Detroit, Mich., on Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016, at 10 a.m. Eastern Time, and then pack the courtroom at 11 a.m., as Judge Drain decides whether to allow the government to “examine” Rasmea.Continue to support #Justice4Rasmea by donating to the defense, organizing educational events in your communities, and staying in touch through and [email protected] will not rest until the charges are dropped.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img read more

Jon Fishman Talks Mixing Politics With Phish, Ranked-Choice Voting On Maine TV Talk Show [Watch]

first_imgOn Saturday evening, Phish drummer and standing Lincolnville, ME selectman Jon Fishman made an appearance on Bangor, Maine-based late-night talk show, The Nite Show with Danny Cashman. After being introduced by the show’s host, Danny Cashman, Fishman strolled out to the desk as the house band played an instrumental snippet of Phish’s “Bouncing Around The Room”.The interview began with a discussion of Phish’s connection to Maine, from small club shows years ago to large festivals like The Great Went, Lemonwheel, and It. As Fishman explained, “It’s my home now. And the memories from the festivals are incredible. It’s been funny, since moving here, I realize that the whole state knows our band probably more than our home state of Vermont, because people would say ‘oh you’re that band…we couldn’t get beer for a week!’ It’s funny, most of the people I’ve met who know of us, it’s not because they listen to the music. They know about it from that situation.”Fishman also discussed what his role is like as a town selectman.”It’s like you’re a parent for a town…and everyone’s a teenager.” he laughed. “But I do love it. It’s a great way to get to know your town, it’s truly public service, and it’s humbling in that way. It’s good.” Cashman then asked about Fishman’s previous political experience, leading into the topic of his outspoken support of Bernie Sanders for president in 2016:As you might know, and as probably people have criticized me for [laughs], I was a huge supporter of Bernie Sanders in the last election. I was asked by the Sanders people to participate in getting people signed up to vote, so I got out there and did that as much as I could.Fishman also spoke about his busy schedule of music-based campaign events for Sanders. As he noted, “I had this one great day, I sat in with, I think, 9 bands in 12 hours from Portland to Fort Kent. It was a whole big sit-in, and to get people to sign up. I met a lot of musicians in Maine that day.” When Cashman commented on the potentially fraught relationship between the divisive nature of politics and the unifying nature of music, Fishman explained:That is exactly the reason that the band I’m in [Phish] doesn’t get into the political arena. Amongst my bandmates, there’s always been a debate about this. I’m kind of the activist in the group, although everybody is pretty active in their own, private ways. … I really wanted to do a Bernie Sanders benefit, but the band [said] exactly what you said: ‘Politics are divisive, and music is supposed to bring people together.’ There has to be a place for art for the sake of art. And I agree with that as well. And so, as a little mini-democracy that the band is, I’m the odd man out there [laughs]. But it’s okay because I do agree with that sentiment at its heart.Diving further into Phish, Cashman asked if Jon still felt excitement at toward their upcoming tour, even after all these years. “Yea, now more than ever,” Fish responded. “I’m 53 years old and I feel like I’m actually starting to get good.” He continued, after pausing for laughs:No, seriously, I’m starting to really break ground into areas of drumming that I haven’t heard from other people yet. And the band, I think, is starting to… We broke up from ’04–’09, and it took us some years to get back [to] where we left off. And I feel like we’re starting to get into new levels of listening and improvisational abilities and stuff that surpass where we left off in ’04, and it’s very exciting.When asked about his favorite style of music to play, he responded, as he has previously, by quoting James “Blood” Ulmer—”Jazz is the teacher, funk is the preacher, and one without the other you have nothing but the blues.”Finally, Fishman got to the political meat of his appearance, campaigning for public support of ranked-choice voting, which allows voters to rank their candidates in the order in which they would want them. The people of Maine have voted “yes” on the issue of keeping ranked-choice voting permanently multiple times, but the legislature continues to impede its implementation, calling new ballot referenda. As Fishman explains ranked-choice, “Rather than going and voting out of fear against the thing you’re scared of, you can vote for what you want and not be afraid that if that person doesn’t get elected, they will be a pariah or a vote-splitter…that you voting for someone you want causes something you don’t want.”You can watch all three released clips from Jon Fishman’s appearance on The Nite Show below via TheNiteShowMaine on YouTube:Opening Segment, Jon Fishman on Being in MaineNite Show Highlight: Jon Fishman on Phish Upcoming TourJon Fishman On Ranked Choice Voting[H/T Jambase]last_img read more

SmartFabric Director: Data Center Automation, Monitoring and Operational Management

first_imgSmartFabric Director – a Joint collaboration effort between Dell Technologies and VMWare – had the following goals in mind, as we embarked on the project:Simplicity: Reduce the steps to deploy a fabric while providing a single point for fabric lifecycle management.Openness: Support for open standards to maximize flexibility, interoperability and technology investment.Consistency: Apply a consistent policy and automation framework across physical and virtual environments to reduce complexity while increasing efficiency.API-First DesignMost Enterprises have a variety of applications and tools to aid the Data Center Networks. It was important for SFD to fit into the Customers’ Software Architecture, which meant supporting programmatic interfaces and not just GUI. SFD has an API-First mindset – anything support through the Graphical User Interface (GUI) is also supported through an API – from Day One. SFD supports a REST based Northbound API to enable orchestration systems to programmatically use the product.gNMIgNMI (gRPC Network Management Interface) is a protocol that provides the mechanism to manipulate (create, update, delete) the configuration of network devices, and state retrieval. The content provided can be modeled with, but not limited to, YANG objects using a path consisting of elements names and map attributes. gNMI uses vendor neutral Openconfig YANG Objects to describe the elements and attributes. gNMI is built on top of gRPC.gRPCgRPC an open source framework developed by Google and managed by CNCF (Cloud Native Compute Foundation). The RPC framework built on top of HTTP/2. The framework allows for Unary, server streaming, client streaming and bi-directional streaming RPCs.  gNMI allows for Multiplexing of RPCs over a single channel provided by library.ProtoBufData exchanged between SFD and Switches is encoded using Google Protocol Buffers. Protocol Buffers (a.k.a., protobuf) are language-neutral, platform-neutral, extensible mechanisms for serializing structured data.OpenConfigOpenConfig started as an informal working group of network operators with the goal of moving networks toward a more dynamic, programmable infrastructure by adopting software-defined networking principles such as declarative configuration and model-driven management and operations. Initial focus of OpenConfig is on compiling a consistent set of vendor-neutral data models (written in YANG) based on operational needs from use cases and requirements from multiple network operators. Openconfig also enables Streaming telemetry for network monitoring in which data is streamed from devices continuously with efficient, incremental updates. Operators can subscribe to the specific data items they need, using OpenConfig data models as the common interface.For more on Dell EMC SmartFabric Director, visit our website here. As modern, open and software-driven networks change how cloud providers and enterprises approach the data center, the need to simplify management and increase efficiency across virtual and physical network environments has never been greater.The Dell EMC SmartFabric Director enables data center operators to build, operate and monitor an open network underlay fabric based on Dell EMC Open Networking PowerSwitch Series switches. SmartFabric Director automates and simplifies the provisioning and monitoring of the fabric using Openconfig based models and protocols. Tight integration with VMware vSphere and NSX-T allows SmartFabric Director to dramatically simplify fabric provisioning for dynamic virtualized workloads and overlays.last_img read more

Denver Kevin Inman, 57

first_imgDenver Kevin Inman, age 57, of Shelbyville, Indiana, passed away on December 3, 2019. Denver was born June 18, 1962 in Hamilton, Ohio the son of Kermit and Rosemary Brock Inman. He was a master carpenter. In 1984, he met his soulmate Sherry Diane Peterson and he married her on March 22, 1992 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Denver was an outdoorsy man he loved hunting ginseng and mushrooms and he was an amazing fisherman.  He loved to travel and was very proud about having been to 44 states.  He was a gifted athlete in track and loved to watch the Colts play.  He also loved to draw.Denver is survived by his: daughter, Nicole (Chris) Baier; son, Dustan Inman; and daughters, Carrie (Ryan) Owens and Natasha (Rob) Dietrich; grandchildren, Austen Owens, Zander Owens,  Ashton Owens, Athena Mitchell, Anthony Mitchell, Azaria Dietrich, Savannah Dietrich, Malaki Powers, Ziva Dietrich, Alex Mitchell, Kaydan Marshall, Mackenzie Inman and Kayla Baier; brothers, Kurt (Joyce) Inman, Brian Inman, and Kenneth (Vanessa) Inman; sisters, Latisha (Joel) Moore and Kim (Dudley) Paul. Denver was preceded in death by; wife, Sherry Inman; father, Kermit Inman; mother, Rosemary Inman; grandparents, Alvin and Thelma Brock and Kenneth and Daisy Inman.A visitation for family and friends will be held at the Gilliland-Howe Funeral Home on Saturday, December 7, 2019 from 2:30 pm until the time of the Funeral services at 4:30 pm. Burial will be at a later date at the Rossburg Cemetery in New Point, Indiana.Contributions in Denver’s memory may be made to the family. Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at for the Inman family.last_img read more

Community Builder: Uzendt Peters

first_imgPrincipal: Ithemba Institute of TechnologyWhy is Uzendt a Community Builder?For the most part, industry and education are two separate entities which never gather round a partnership table. As a teacher in a state school, Uzendt Peters knew that if skills-dependent industries wanted skilled labour, and his pupils wanted jobs, that industry had to be brought into the education field.Which is exactly what he did. He took a run-down old school in Soweto and converted it into the Ithemba Institute of Technology – a place where big business can have a hand in enabling skills development in their particular field.From helping with the curriculum to equipping the workshops with industry-relevant equipment, big business is making sure that skilled labour is coming out of Soweto.The remarkable thing about this project is that companies that are usually competitors in the marketplace are now working together for the development of skills in their particular sector.Uzendt has created an institute that teaches South Africa a very important lesson – that a private-public partnership can be used to solve the serious problem of skills in our country.In his own words .“The youth is the most important asset in this country. We need to invest in our youth, and that is what I hope my contribution can be.”Fast FactsBig business gets involved in school governance, upgrading workshops, developing the curriculum, and placing learners in the workplace.Ithemba is divided into three educational institutions: an FET school (Grade 10 – 12); an FET college teaching technical skills to graduates of the school; and a place which offers adult education in the evenings.Ithemba offers skills in welding, diesel mechanics, electrical engineering, fitting and turning, and hydraulics.The Sowetan has adopted Ithemba as part of the Aggrey Klaaste Nation Building Foundation’s youth and community development programmes portfolio.The institute is currently establishing an IT centre.How can I find out more?For more information, e-mail [email protected] published on SAinfo on 22 August 2008.Source: Brand South Africalast_img read more

City of Joburg and Miss Earth SA spruce up Mshenguville Park

first_imgOn World Environment Day, Miss Earth SA contestants along with social activist and Play Your Part ambassador Catherine Constantinides, as well as the mayor of Johannesburg, set off to clean up Mshenguville Park.On World Environment Day, Johannesburg Executive Mayor Herman Mashaba and climate activist Catherine Constantinides join forces with members of the community to clean up Mshenguville Park in Soweto. The exercise, on 5 June 2017, emphasises the importance of preserving the environment. (Image: Mathiba Molefe)Mathiba MolefeIt is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture in one’s day-to-day life, but it is important that society keeps track of issues regarding the environment, and that people safeguard natural resources as well as play a part in caring for Earth.It was with this in mind that around the world people took action to clean up their communities to mark World Environment Day on 5 June, a day on which people are encouraged to make concerted efforts to improve and maintain their natural surroundings.Mshenguville Park in Soweto was no exception. Miss Earth SA contestants and Catherine Constantinides, the Miss Earth SA director, a climate activist and Play Your Part ambassador, as well as Johannesburg Executive Mayor Herman Mashaba, got to work cleaning the park of dangerous and unsightly waste.“As the City of Joburg, we have the responsibility of looking after the environment,” said [email protected] & @ChangeAgentSA play their part for #WorldEnvironmentDay2017 . #WasteStopsWithME. How are you making your contribution?— Play Your Part (@PlayYourPartSA) June 5, 2017The clean-up was part of the #WasteStopsWithMe campaign, a collaboration between Miss Earth SA, Joburg waste collection agency Pikitup and the Canadian High Commission to South Africa.The partners gathered at the park, along with residents from the surrounding areas, to help pick up the large amount of litter that had collected there. It is mainly from illegal dumping, which is commonplace.From car tyres and carpets to old shoes and food containers, the group collected numerous bags of waste scattered throughout the park. It looked much better for it by the time they were done.“We see waste every single day; it’s something we can do something about, so how are you going to ensure we’re leaving a beautiful country behind for the next generation?” A question that Play Your Part Ambassador Catherine Constantinides, posed to all South Africans.Your city, your hood, your environmentMashaba pointed out that keeping the environment clean would help the city make better use of its budget, saying that illegal dumping cost the city about R80-million annually.“I think as the City of Johannesburg, like all the other cities all over the world, we have the responsibility as the current generation to ensure that we look after the environment,” he said.Reconnect with nature, preserve the environment – MMC De Jager #WasteStopsWithME ^NS— City of Joburg (@CityofJoburgZA) June 6, 2017“Looking after the environment is not something that we look at only from a cleanliness point of view. Yes, we need cleanliness, but I think it’s actually about looking at the big picture.”Constantinides explained that the ongoing #WasteStopsWithMe campaign was aimed at getting people across South Africa to embrace the role they played in protecting the environment.“Let us celebrate this beautiful country that we call South Africa. We do indeed have the most beautiful country in the world and our landscapes show it to us every single day,” she said.“It’s for us to preserve that natural heritage and stand proud as South Africans.”Miss Earth SA contestants were also on hand to help drive home the message of the #WasteStopsWithMe campaign aimed at getting all South Africans to do their little part in dealing with issues around waste.Play your part and get involvedConstantinides said it was “critically important for all South Africans everywhere to get involved; we all have to play our part in making sure that we preserve the spaces around us”.To find out more about the #WasteStopsWithMe campaign, use the hashtag to follow the conversations on social media.“So #WasteStopsWithMe is an individual call to action to say ‘what can I do, as an active citizen, to really address the environmental challenges through waste’.“We see waste every single day; it’s something we can do something about, so how are you going to ensure we’re leaving a beautiful country behind for the next generation?”To find out more about Miss Earth SA, visit the website at you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

USDA delays implementation of enhancement to pork cutout

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) is postponing to Oct. 31 from Sept. 12 implementation of an enhancement to the pork carcass cutout. The pork cutout is an estimated value for a hog carcass based on current wholesale prices paid for sub-primal pork cuts. AMS is adding muscle cuts (insides, outsides and knuckles) to the ham primal as a way to more accurately reflect today’s marketing environment and to capture more product to be included in the weighted average calculation. According to analysis from AMS, the enhanced cutout is expected to lower the overall carcass cutout value by an average of $1.41.last_img read more

Eyeing Mobile, IBM Creates Odd-Couple Partnership With NoSQL Vendor 10gen

first_imgbrian proffitt The effort announced by the two companies is part of Big Blue’s MobileFirst program, IBM’s effort to get a foothold in the mobile commerce and enterprise sectors. It’s been a bumpy journey, because IBM is firmly ensconced in the world of relational databases with its DB2 product line and the WebSphere eXtreme Scale data grid platform. While well-suited for enterprise deployments, such data systems are not always appropriate for mobile databases, which need to scale under variable workloads and be able to handle the firehose of data that could come at any given moment from mobile or Web apps.Handling all of that data separately from the rest of the business data would make life simpler for developers and database admins. Let the NoSQL databases deal with the mobile stuff and let the relational databases keep track of inventory, finances and payroll – you know, the boring stuff.That’s not how it works, of course. Increasingly, mobile apps generate revenue and information from that side of the business needs to be integrated with the rest of the in-house data. Or perhaps the opposite is true, and the mobile apps need to get at some legacy data in the enterprise systems.Again, not impossible, but the connection often has to be set up at each instance. This is especially true if the mobile app in question is an enterprise mobile app to be used by employees.Big Blue Still Makes WavesOn the technical side of the partnership, developers will be able to integrate MongoDB APIs within IBM’s Worklight Studio to build their apps so the apps will connect to whatever data it needs.Other companies have built connectors to non-relational databases before, and indeed 10gen has its own connectors to a variety of data systems. The entry of IBM in this space, however, lends more weight to getting relational and non-relational systems working together better. IBM’s anointment of MongoDB also give 10gen a big shot of street cred in NoSQL-land.It is probably no accident that this announcement comes a day after IBM announced that it’s buying SoftLayer, which will be another tool in IBM’s overall strategy: the cloud platform on which all of these cool enterprise apps can be run.(See also: Why IBM Paid Big Bucks To Expand In The Cloud With SoftLayer)Image courtesy of Shutterstock. Tags:#10gen#databases#IBM#NoSQL Related Posts The rise of mobile apps has created tension in the world of data management. There’s a disconnect between the fast-and-loose scalability of non-relational databases used to handle data for mobile applications and the prim-and-proper relational databases many businesses already use to manage their affairs.To face such tensions, IBM is stepping into the fray with a new collaboration with 10gen, commercial vendors of the open source NoSQL MongoDB database system. The purpose? To bridge the gap between the new tech of online business with the legacy databases where enterprises already manage their business data.The Database Odd CoupleGetting such systems to talk to each other is not impossible, but it can be painful: Data transforms and cross-database queries can be tenuous without solid application programming interfaces (APIs) and data connections in place, and such lash-ups can fail when tasked with production workloads. It’s a little like Homer Simpson showing up for dinner at Downton Abbey: communication can happen, but it may not be pretty (especially if there’s no doughnuts). Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting How Intelligent Data Addresses the Chasm in Cloud Serverless Backups: Viable Data Protection for … Cloud Hosting for WordPress: Why Everyone is Mo…last_img read more

The Future of IoT with Kids

first_imgThere is no question that the future is “The Internet of Things, IoT for Kids. While the concept may seem complex, the basics of IoT are pretty simple. Objects that we interact with everyday (including phones, watches, thermostats, speakers, lightbulbs, etc) are all connected to the internet. This allows them to communicate with us, with each other, and add in a little machine learning, you’ve got a system of interconnected devices that help make your life simpler. Homes are getting smarter and the IoT device list is ever increasing, but so is the opportunity as a parent to help your kids learn from and grow with them.IoT with Kids Is GrowingFrom being able to view the inside of your fridge with your phone at the grocery store, to monitoring your smoke alarm or toothbrush with your smart watch, the vast inventory of available IoT items is staggering. Practically every device on the planet can be designed with the cloud in mind. You can track your heart rate, temperature, what food is left in the fridge, your kid’s location, whether you’re brushing your teeth too hard or not hard enough, and just about anything else you could possibly want to know through a connected device. Gartner estimates 8.4 billion IoT devices were used across the world in 2017. That is a 31% growth since 2016. And that number is only going to get bigger. IoT device usage is estimated to climb to 20.4 billion by 2020.With the slew of connected devices, WiFi is becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity. The world is getting smarter, and future generations will have to keep up with it. What’s surprising is that, so far, they are. Have you ever noticed that some toddlers are better at operating smart phones than many of us adults? My daughter knew how to pose for a selfie long before she knew how to say the word “mama”. What Does This Mean For Our Kids?Not that we want to imagine our kids’ future careers right off the bat, but it’s pretty cool that so many companies are jumping on board with teaching kids to code. Even devices like Amazon’s Alexa might one day be able to teach you a foreign language.  Imagine life before Google, and the ability to go from question to reasonably researched answer within seconds. Now imagine that our children are growing up in a world where information is not only readily available, but accessible no matter your location. (Seriously, I have answered my doorbell from another country.) The Internet was just the beginning, now we have an entire Internet, of things. There are so many devices to help you and your kids stay connected, healthy and safe.The Internet of Things has even made toys smart. A connected toy means that your child’s experience is dynamic, ever-changing, and will only keep getting better thanks to software updates. This technology is enabling children to construct, play, and even code their own content into toys. Connected toys are getting kids interested in STEM not only by teaching them to understand logic, but enabling them to see their own work come to life in real-time.Peace of MindSmart devices give you the ability to change the thermostat without needing to lift a finger, but they also give parents peace of mind. If you’re a little tech savvy, you can know what your kids are up to at all times. Stalking your child is not effective. However, with the push of a button you can tell if they were at Julie’s house, or Jenny’s house. Parents are able to track their kids’ location, whether it be through the kid’s phone, smart watch, or any other connected device. And the benefits go beyond security.  For today’s time-starved parent, convenience is just as crucial. “We’ve seen an increasing number of parents signing their kids up for classes and camps because they can ‘check in’ through smart devices” said Suzanne Felson, the founder of Reso, a curator of kid’s activities in the Bay Area. After most moms experience how easy location-based technology has made it for them to find a book a new activity for their kids, their typical response is “God, I really needed this years ago” according to Felson.So many dreams for you and for your children can be realized with these IoT devices. It would be a shame not to learn about them and incorporate them into your parenting system. Just for a moment, think of all the technological developments you’ve witnessed growing up. Now imagine your kid being able to replicate that code, as a toddler. I’m not saying that every kid is the next coding genius, but technology gives me hope. The possibilities are endless. But in order to do all that we want to with the IoT — and still keep our families safe — we will need to understand the mechanism better.Trouble in ParadiseThere are definitely security concerns with all of these connected devices flooding the marketplace. We basically have the capability of assigning an IP address to every atom on Earth. But hey, business idea! As the necessity of these devices (and how easy they make day to day life) increases, so will the potential for security risks. For now, parents need to monitor this aspect of IoT with kids.  From your coffee maker and heating and cooling system to your connected car, you don’t need to be scared of these devices — but you do need to be cognizant of keeping your information secure. Connected devices are here, and will become ever more ubiquitous over the years.Even with security concerns, the Internet of Things has improved many aspects of my life (and my child’s life). And will absolutely continue to do so as she gets older. Truthfully, I almost feel bad for my kid. I will know where she is at every moment of every day. And I’m the kind of mom who will constantly be rolling her eyes at.  With all of the smart technology in IoT, she will be capable of technological advancements I would have never thought possible. And she won’t be able to get away with nearly the amount of things I did when I was her age. But as a parent, that’s the dream, and the future here, is very bright. Internet of Things Makes it Easier to Steal You… Serenity Gibbons Follow the Puck Related Posts center_img Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Tags:#connected kids#engagement#kids#top Small Business Cybersecurity Threats and How to…last_img read more

Video: Don’t Compete on Price

first_imgIf price isn’t your business model, if it’s not your value proposition, then you’re not competing on price. If you have trouble with price it means you have to sharpen your value creation, not your pencil. Get the Free eBook! Learn how to sell without a sales manager. Download my free eBook! You need to make sales. You need help now. We’ve got you covered. This eBook will help you Seize Your Sales Destiny, with or without a manager. Download Nowlast_img

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