Biscuit Fest Brings Kung Fu, John Popper, DJ Logic, Oteil Burbridge & More To Florida [Audio]

first_imgThis weekend, the 7th Annual Biscuit Fest took place at The Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton FL. Artists included Kung Fu, John Popper/Oteil Burbridge/DJ Logic trio, Yes Darling featuring Hayley Jane & Ryan Montbleau, Crazy Fingers, The Nouveaux Honkies, Edwin McCain, and more.On Friday night, Kung Fu headlined with a 2-set Steely Dan tribute. Saxophonist and BiscuitFest veteran Ron Holloway joined Kung Fu on “Black Friday” and “Monkey In Your Soul”. DJ Logic joined the band on “Do It Again”. Listen to full audio of the set below via CHeeSeHeaDPRoDuCTioNS:[Audio: CHeeSeHeaDPRoDuCTioNS]Setlist: Kung Fu | The Funky Biscuit | 4/13/18 Set I: Aja (Intro). Bodhisattva. I Got The News. The Caves Of Altamira. FM. Peg. King Of The World. The Fez > Green Earrings. Black Friday*.Set II: Kid Charlemagne. Don’t Take Me Alive. My Old School > Your Gold Teeth II. Haitian Divorce > Hey 19. Monkey In Your Soul*. Do It Again^.*w/ Ron Holloway (sax), ^w/ DJ Logic (turntables)On Saturday night, Yes Darling kicked off the night with their romantic roller-coaster duo, where Hayley Jane and Ryan Montbleau put the laughs, tears and all the feels of relationships into music. After Yes Darling, Kung Fu returned to the stage and, once again, invited guests up to join them. Hayley Jane, Ryan Montbleau and Ron Holloway added their flavor on the Bill Withers song “Kissing My Love”. Then John Popper came out for the Kung Fu original “Scorpion”. Listen to full show audio below via CHeeSeHeaDPRoDuCTioNS:[Audio: CHeeSeHeaDPRoDuCTioNS]Setlist: Kung Fu | The Funky Biscuit | 4/14/18 Setlist: Tsar Bomba. Speed Bump. The Lurker. Cookie Monster. Caught Up. Kissing My Love*. Scorpion^. Scrabb. Dirty Power. Samurai.*w/ Ron Holloway (sax), Ryan Montbleau (vocals) & Hayley Jane (vocals), ^w/ John Popper (harmonica)While the next act was billed as John Popper/DJ Logic duo, Oteil Burbridge turned it into a trio and the group invited many of the BiscuitFest artists on stage. Kung Fu drummer Adrian Tramontano and Ron Holloway kicked off the set with Blues Traveler‘s “Run Around”, setting into more improv-heavy work from there and even including some Sopranos theme teases. Ryan Montbleau joined the band for Stevie Wonder‘s “Superstition” before Oteil moved to the drums while Kung Fu bassist, Chris DeAngelis, guitarist, Tim Palmieri, and keyboardist, Beau Sasser, joined in for Sublime‘s “What I Got”. Later in the set, Oteil moved back to bass and Hayley Jane came out for some more extended improvisation. Listen to the incredible set below:[Audio: CHeeSeHeaDPRoDuCTioNS]On Sunday, Matt Schofield and Albert Castiglia brought out John Popper, Hayley Jane and Ron Holloway for their sets of music. Here are the setlists:Albert Castiglia:What The Hell Was I Thinking*Get Your Ass In The Van**w/ Ron Holloway (sax)Matt Schofield Band:Sifting Thru The Ashes*Them Changes•*^Stormy Monday°*^Hindsight*^Albert Castiglia & Matt Schofield:Love Her With A Feeling*Same Old Blues*Angel of Montgomery•**w/ John Popper (harmonica), •w/ Christine Tambakis (vocals), ^w/ Ron Holloway (sax), °w/ Hayley Jane (vocals)Below, you can watch a playlist of videos from throughout the weekend at BiscuitFest courtesy of CheeSeHeaDPRoDuCTioNS:[Video: Cheesehead Productions]last_img read more

Mirallas’ season ended by injury

first_imgEverton’s hopes of qualifying for the Champions League have been dealt a blow with the news Kevin Mirallas will miss the rest of the season. Everton reported the news on their website, saying: “Roberto Martinez today revealed that the Belgian has a small tear in his groin and will be out for the next three weeks.” Mirallas has scored eight goals for Everton this season, including three in the last four games. He netted the second goal against United on Sunday, scoring from a tight angle after beating the offside trap. Everton trail Arsenal by a point in the race for fourth place as they bid to finish in the top four for only the second time in the Premier League era. Martinez will hope for better news to come on the injury front, with captain Phil Jagielka, Steven Pienaar and Darron Gibson all in line to return before the end of the season. Martinez expressed his disappointment at the news but is confident Mirallas will be fully fit to take part in Belgium’s World Cup campaign in Brazil. The Toffees boss told evertontv: “Kevin’s scans came back and they have revealed a small tear in his groin. He is going to be out for the season, which is a real disappointment and a shame because he was in a phenomenal moment of form. “But the memory we have of his performance against Manchester United is a terrific image. The way he took his goal and how he was a dynamic force throughout the game, it was an outstanding performance. “It’s a great way to finish the season if it’s the last game he is going to be involved in this campaign. “It is not a major injury. It could be anything up to five or six weeks, and that’s looking at the worst-case scenario. “The most important aspect now is that we get him fully fit and ready to participate with Belgium in the World Cup.” Martinez also revealed that centre-back Sylvain Distin is unlikely to be fit for Saturday’s game against Southampton because of a hamstring injury. Press Association The Belgian forward suffered a groin injury in the final moments of Everton’s 2-0 victory over Manchester United on Sunday and will be sidelined for three weeks. That means he will not be available for the Toffees’ remaining games against Southampton, Manchester City and Hull. last_img read more

Men’s hockey: Alvarez describes newest coaching staff as ‘dream team’

first_imgNew Wisconsin men’s hockey coach Tony Granato, alongside Athletic Director Barry Alvarez, made his first appearance if front of the microphone in a press conference at the Kohl Center Wednesday morning.The press conference focused mostly on the future expectations for the historic hockey program and introducing the Badger faithful to their new leader.Granato explained what he looked for in a coaching position and said a place like Wisconsin is the perfect fit because it is just like home.“To generally get a coaching position, you start in the minors, you work in a small city somewhere and you ride buses and you’re never home to take care of the kids and be part of their lives,” Granato said. “I wanted to find something where I could be a dad and be in a position where I could stay and have my responsibility to the family as my priority.”Men’s hockey: With Granato comes experience both on, off the iceAfter two consecutive disappointing seasons, Wisconsin men’s hockey seems to be taking a step in the right direction with the expected announcement Read…Granato and Alvarez were joined on stage by a new assistant in Granato’s younger brother, Don Granato, and new associate head coach Mark Osiecki, all of whom played college hockey at University of Wisconsin. Osiecki even served on the coaching staff at one point from 2004 to 2010.The three sweeping moves by Alvarez were his first substantial hires for hockey as athletic director since he began back in 2006 and, for many, this marks a positive change for a team in a two-season pit.Alvarez described the trio as a “dream team,” and the three could not not have been more excited to work together.“It’s a perfect fit for Donny and I to go in and all of us work together,” Osiecki said. “I can’t believe how much fun we’re going to have walking into the Kohl Center.”The announcement of the three coaches included their respective contracts; a five-year deal for Tony Granato and a three-year deal for both Don Granato and Osiecki.After all three were considered for the head coaching job, worries were that Don Granato and Osiecki wouldn’t be willing to accept a lower position, but, for Don Granato, once he was approached, his decision was easy.“We knew we’ve always wanted to coach together, so there was no conversation,” Don Granato said. “With an opportunity like this, once Barry expressed an interest in Tony being a lead candidate, it was like, ‘Go get the job.’ If you’re his guy, don’t worry about anything else. Let’s just do it.”Osiecki expressed a similar feeling when he was presented with an opportunity to coach his alma matter.“For me, there wasn’t any convincing,” Osiecki said. “Number one, it’s Wisconsin. Number two, the athletic department. At the top of the oA lot of questions were raised over the concern that Tony Granato has become too accustomed to the NHL after playing and coaching in the league for 32 years. As a two-time coach of the Colorado Avalanche and an assistant with both the Pittsburg Penguins and Detroit Redwings, the 51-year-old Tony Granato is now three decades removed from a constantly evolving college game.Tony Granato made it a point to address these concerns head on.“The dynamics that go along with college hockey have change,” Tony Granato said. “The one thing that hasn’t changed is the game. The game is played and you’re successful when you find kids, student-athletes, that are passionate, that understand the excitement part of playing college hockey. We want to get an enthusiastic, passionate group back.”Goldsobel: Badgers need to promote creativity, ditch predictabilityIn the shadow of March Madness, the 2016 NCAA men’s hockey tournament began Friday, March 25 and was capped by some Read…In hockey, three goals by a single player is considered a hat trick, and it just might be that with these hires, Alvarez recorded a hat trick of his own.Now, Tony Granato and his staff could not be more excited to get started.“When this came about that we could all be together, I was ecstatic,” he said. “It was a situation that I wanted to be part of.”last_img read more

NWC to Embark on Renewable Energy Pilot

first_img To modernise operations of the National Water Commission (NWC), the entity is seeking to install a five-megawatt (MW) photovoltaic system at the Mona Reservoir in Kingston. A memorandum of understanding was signed with the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) to carry out the pilot, with plans to install 5MW systems in other NWC facilities if it proves successful. An advertisement is now out inviting bids for the floating barge. Story Highlights This was noted by President of the NWC, Mark Barnett, at a Jamaica Information Service (JIS) ‘Think Tank’ on January 11. To modernise operations of the National Water Commission (NWC), the entity is seeking to install a five-megawatt (MW) photovoltaic system at the Mona Reservoir in Kingston.This was noted by President of the NWC, Mark Barnett, at a Jamaica Information Service (JIS) ‘Think Tank’ on January 11.The President said the move is aimed at improving the economic viability and operational efficiency of the company.A memorandum of understanding was signed with the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) to carry out the pilot, with plans to install 5MW systems in other NWC facilities if it proves successful. An advertisement is now out inviting bids for the floating barge.“We want to put up at least 10MW of renewables, which will impact not only the NWC but will fall in line with the sustainable development goals that have been established and to which the country is committed,” he said.The President indicated that the strategy to be employed will involve placing solar panels on a floating barge, which will be used to harness energy from the sun to help reduce the company’s energy bill.“The consultants to do the study should be submitting their bids this month. And that study, I presume, should take three to four months. So, once it is deemed to be viable, I’m sure that procurement should start this calendar year,” he said.last_img read more

Rich Data Poor Data

This story appears in ESPN The Magazine’s March 2 Analytics Issue. Subscribe today!In the 2000 edition of Baseball Prospectus, Keith Woolner identified 23 problems — avenues of analysis that had been dead ends for turn-of-the-millennium statheads. (For instance, No. 10: “Projecting minor league pitchers accurately.”) Woolner named these Hilbert Problems, after mathematician David Hilbert, who in 1900 outlined his own set of 23 vexing mathematical problems that he hoped would be solved in the 20th century.Of Hilbert’s 23 math problems, just 10 have been answered — not a great track record for more than a century’s worth of work. While Woolner’s baseball problems don’t lend themselves to mathematics’ hard-and-fast proofs, we have become a lot better at, say, “measuring the catcher’s role in run prevention” (No. 3). There’s still a margin of error in calculating how valuable Yadier Molina is to the Cardinals; nevertheless, the progress in baseball is remarkable.Analysts have made huge strides in “separating defense into pitching and fielding” (problem No. 1): The discovery that pitchers have relatively little control over balls in play has increased the value put on fielding and pitchers’ strikeout ability. And research into “determining optimal pitcher usage strategies” 
(No. 20) has led teams to transform struggling starters into top-shelf middle relievers with ERAs that would make Bob Gibson blush. Indeed, the shift toward pitching and defense reflects the rise of sabermetrics as much as the decline of juiced balls or juiced players.And all of this has taken 15 years, rather than since William McKinley was president. Sure, teams could still glean more about “assessing the ‘coachability’ of players” (No. 13) or “quantifying the manager’s impact on winning” (No. 22). But baseball analysts can’t complain, unlike their counterparts in other fields.As I describe in my book “The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail but Some Don’t,” the rapid and tangible progress in sports analytics is more the exception than the rule. It’s important to remind sports nerds — who, as they look at streams of PER or wRC+ numbers, have become a bit spoiled — of this fair and maybe even obvious point. Because out there in the wider world, questions far more basic than Woolner’s remain unresolved. We still have tremendous trouble predicting how the economy will perform more than a few months in advance, or understanding why a catastrophic earthquake occurs at a particular place and time, or knowing whether a flu outbreak will turn into a bad one.It’s not for any lack of interest in data and analytics. For a while, I gave a lot of talks to promote my book and met a lot of people I might not encounter otherwise: from Hollywood producers and CEOs of major companies to the dude from India who hoped to be the Billy Beane of cricket.But there’s a perfect storm of circumstances in sports that makes rapid analytical progress possible decades before other fields have their Moneyball moments. Here are three reasons sports nerds have it easy:1. Sports has awesome data.Give me a sec. Really, I’ll only need a second. I just went to and looked up how many at-bats have been taken in major league history. It’s 14,260,129.The volume is impressive. But what’s more impressive is that I can go to and, for many of those 14 million at-bats, look up the hitter, the pitcher, who was on base, how many people attended the game and whether the second baseman wore boxers or briefs. It’s not just “big data.” It’s something much better: rich data.By rich data, I mean data that’s accurate, precise and subjected to rigorous quality control. A few years ago, a debate raged about how many RBIs Cubs slugger Hack Wilson had in 1930. Researchers went to the microfiche, looked up box scores and found that it was 191, not 190. Absolutely nothing changed about our understanding of baseball, but it shows the level of scrutiny to which stats are subjected.Compare that to something like evaluating the American economy. The problems aren’t in the third decimal place: We sometimes don’t even know whether the sign is positive or negative. When the recession hit in December 2007 — the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression — most economists didn’t believe we were in one at all. The recession wasn’t officially identified until December 2008. Imagine what this would be like in sports! We’re not sure how many points Damian Lillard scored last night, but we’re reasonably confident it was between 27 and negative 2. Check back in a few months.As if statheads weren’t spoiled enough, we’re getting more data all the time. From PITCHf/x to SportVU, we have nearly a three-dimensional record of every object on the field in real time. Questions once directed at scouts — Does Carmelo really get back on defense? What’s the break on Kershaw’s curve? — are now measurable.2. In sports, we know the rules.And they don’t change much. As I noted, there has been little progress in predicting earthquakes. We know a few basic things — you’re more likely to experience an earthquake in California than in New Jersey — but not a lot more.What’s the problem? “We’re looking at rock,” one seismologist lamented to me for my book. Unlike a thunderstorm, we can’t see an earthquake coming, nor can we directly observe what triggers it. Scientists have identified lots of correlations in earthquake data, but they have relatively little understanding of what causes one at any particular time. If there are a billion possible relationships in geology’s historical data, you’ll come up with a thousand million-to-one coincidences on the basis of chance alone. In seismology, for instance, there have been failed predictions about earthquake behavior in locations from Peru to Sumatra — all based on patterns that looked foolproof in the historical data but were random after all.False positives are less of an issue in sports, where rules are explicit and where we know a lot about causality. Take how we evaluate pitcher performance. It turns out that if you want to forecast a pitcher’s future win-loss record, just about the last thing to look at is his previous record. Instead, focus on his ERA, or better yet his strikeout-to-walk ratio, or maybe even the PITCHf/x data on pitch velocity and location.Why? Winning is the name of the game, and you win by allowing fewer runs than your opponent. So ERA says more about winning than a pitcher’s record. But you can do even better: Runs are prevented by striking out batters (and not walking them), and strikeouts are generated by throwing good pitches, which is why WHIP and strikeouts per nine innings also serve predictive purposes. Understanding the structure of the system gives statistical analysis a much higher batting average.3. Sports offers fast feedback and clear marks of success.One hallmark of analytically progressive fields is the daily collection of new data that allows researchers to rapidly test ideas and chuck the silly ones. One example: dramatically improved weather forecasts. The accuracy of hurricane landfall predictions, for instance, has almost tripled over the past 30 years.Sports, especially baseball, fits in this category too. In Billy Beane’s first few years running the A’s, the team had awful defenses — bad enough that Matt Stairs briefly played center. Beane theorized that because defense was so hard to quantify, he shouldn’t focus on it. His assumption turned out to be completely wrong. As statheads came to learn about defense, it proved to be more important than everyone thought, not less. Because the A’s were playing every day and Beane could study the defensive metrics like dWAR that emerged, he learned quickly and adjusted his approach. His more recent teams have had much-improved defenses.Contrast this with something like presidential elections, in which lessons come once every four years, if at all. Mitt Romney’s belief that the 2012 election was his for the taking (it wasn’t, according to both public polls and political science research) may have led him to underinvest in his get-out-the-vote operations. He underestimated Barack Obama’s popularity and his own ability to sway voters with his message. Republicans will have to wait until 2016 to improve their approach.It also helps that sports has a clear objective: winning. Obvious? Sure. But that’s not the case in other subjects. What counts as “winning” for the U.S. economy, for instance? Is it low inflation or high growth? If it’s growth, does it matter how the income is distributed? You have opinions about that, and I do too, and we might not agree even given all the data in the world.But the zero-sum nature of sports competition (there are a finite number of wins and championships to go around) also yields the greatest risk to continued innovation. When I was working for Baseball Prospectus a decade ago, most of the innovation was occurring among outsiders like us. It was competitive, but the point of getting a data “scoop” was to publish it for the rest of the world to see.Now almost all MLB teams employ a statistical analyst, if not a small gaggle of them. But those analysts are working on behalf of just one team — and have less incentive to share. At the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference every year, the panels featuring current employees of major league teams are deathly dull because if the panelists said anything useful to a roomful of their competitors, they would be fired. Sports analytics runs the risk of losing the momentum of the past 15 years.Woolner, for his part, is now the director of baseball analytics for the Indians. No doubt he has 23 new problems to solve. But now it will take the rest of us longer to know when he has cracked them. read more

InterCaribbean Airways launches new Cacique magazine

first_img Turks and Caicos airline, ICA, now flies to Havana Recommended for you Related Items:cacique, henry the conch, Intercaribbean Airways, lyndon gardiner, magazine, melbourne penn, premier rufus ewing, provo air center, trevor sadler Beaches puts former Premier on blast about controversial pier Airports Authority commanded to protect South Caicos airport by airline Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 17 Jun 2015 – A new inflight delight was unveiled by InterCaribbean Airways last night; the new magazine Cacique can today be found in all seat back pockets in the fleet of aircraft of this TCI-based company which connects as many as six Caribbean nations. In a debut ceremony at the new Provo Air Center FBO, General Manager Trevor Sadler said the magazine will showcase the leaders, from sites to happenings to individuals, as the name of the publication was inspired by the Taino Indians.“As we move along, how the magazine represents the islands. We don’t want to be just your average reading experience; we want to find exciting things to talk about when you go to visit the countries which we fly to…”Henry the Conch, the TCIs Tourism Ambassador is the first to appear on this first edition as an ‘environmental hero’. Melbourne Penn, Henry’s creator said now that the country has attained #1 in the world with Provo as the choice island destination, it is time to become #1 in the world for cleanliness. Business, aviation, guests and tourism executives gathered for the debut, including Premier Rufus Ewing. “The magazine is like the airline, first class.” Founder of Air Turks and Caicos, now InterCaribbean Airways, Lyndon Gardiner was thrilled at the accomplishment as the magazine features articles and advertising from the various islands ICA serves. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Government may take loan in order to pay police owed overtime

first_img Related Items:#FNMGovernmentToPayPoliceViaLoan, #magneticmedianews, #PoliceToGetMoniesOwed Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppBahamas, Wednesday 17th May 2017: The new FNM government is vowing to keep the promised pay out to police officers of The Bahamas. Former Prime Minister Perry Christie made the promise during his 2017 election campaign. And despite the FNM’s former leader, Hubert Ingraham saying the move was impossible, newly sworn in Finance Minister Peter Turnquest says government will make it happen, at the expense of taking a loan.Turnquest speaking to reporters following the FNM administration’s first cabinet meeting says “We intend to honour the commitment. Some degree of borrowing would be required to help the government fulfil its obligations”.Similar comments were made by the new National Security Minister, Marvin Dames who also assured government’s commitment to paying the officers. He too stated that Cabinet was in the process of determining whether there is sufficient money in the Public Treasury to cover the payments.Payment is owed to the Police Officers following a Supreme Court ruling ordering government to pay officers for working 12-hour shifts at in 2013 and 2014, after it was instituted officers work 12 hour shifts in an effort to clamp down on criminal activity. It was ordered by the Supreme Court that compensation be received within a year. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppcenter_img #MagneticMediaNews#PoliceToGetMoniesOwed#FNMGovernmentToPayPoliceViaLoanlast_img read more

Nearly 250 new cases of TB for Bahamas one school closed for

first_img Related Items:#magneticmedianews, #Tuberculosisoutbreak Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Bahamas, November 24, 2017 – Nassau – RM Bailey senior high school in Nassau is still closed due to Tuberculosis found initially in one student and the Education Minister, Jeffrey Lloyd says it will remain that way until the institution is satisfactorily scoured to be TB, free.    A notice came from the Ministry of Health, Department of Healthy for for students and staff of the R.M. Bailey Senior High School, who began the screening exercise, on Friday or Monday to report to the school today.So far of the 400 people screened, eight teachers and staff and two students have returned positives for tuberculosis.  However, it is not only Nassau with the TB problem; Eleuthera and Exuma are also having Mantoux testing done. There have been 2000 tests in Eleuthera and of that, 235 cases are confirmed to be TB.  Testing is not yet started in Exuma and Health Minister Duane Sands reported that there is no cause for alarm for that island.#MagneticMediaNews#Tuberculosisoutbreak Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Willock The linesman crushed my hattrick dreams

first_imgJoe Willock took a swipe at the linesman in Arsenal’s 3-0 third-round win at Blackpool suggesting he denied him the chance to bag an FA Cup hat-trick.Willock,19, bagged a brace before half-time to put the Gunners in control of an entertaining tie.The young midfielder thought he had bagged a treble 10 minutes from time only for it to be ruled out for offside against Sead Kolasinac.“It’s a brilliant day for me on a personal note but I’m proud of how we did as a team as well. I don’t think the scoreline reflects how well we played,” Willock disclosed via FourFourTwo“I always try to get in the box and make myself available for crosses or rebounds, so it was good to get two goals.“The linesman crushed my dreams with the hat-trick but that’s football and hopefully I can get another opportunity soon.Joe Willock, Arsenal, Premier LeagueJoe Willock talks about playing against his childhood idols Manuel R. Medina – September 12, 2019 Arsenal youngster, Joe Willock, explains how he has always admired Luka Modric and how he wants to show he can be one of the best players at his club.“Hopefully the boss keeps believing in me and giving me opportunities. I’m always eager to play, so I’ll always do my best if I’m picked.”Joe Willock goal👦— Ahmad (@AhmadAWR) January 5, 2019last_img read more

Klopp claims Reds have positive pressure after draw

first_imgJurgen Klopp accepts his Liverpool are under what he described as positive pressure after a draw at Old Trafford but refused to get drawn into Manchester City comparisons.The Reds endured another barren draw against arch-rivals Manchester United but still remain at the top of the League with only a point.And Klopp has decided to focus on the positives despite hectic fixtures looming large and equally admitted pressure is on his side considering City’s form.“Of course there is pressure. Actually, from my point of view, it is a very positive pressure, but I don’t have to play – I only sit here and say dumb things, so that’s easy,” said the German via Sky.“We all have to learn in these situations, the only way we can do it is with passion. This club, the heart, and soul of this club, is passion.“On Wednesday night we have another chance (at home to Watford) and then there’s the derby, which is always a very emotional game so, again, passion.“I get there has been a few too many draws in the last couple of games but, still, we are where we are so let’s go on.Jurgen Klopp says there is “positive pressure” on Liverpool in the title raceMohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, LiverpoolMo Salah laughs off Sadio Mane incident with a brilliant video Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Mohamed Salah laughed off his little spat with Liverpool team-mate Sadio Mane by posting a brilliant video showing they’ve made up.Then again…”I don’t have to play – I only sit here and say dumb things, so that’s easy!”🤣#LFC returned to the top of the Premier League table following a 0-0 draw with #MUFC at Old Trafford— Omnisport (@OmnisportNews) February 24, 2019“People can say ‘Man City are doing better’ but we don’t compare ourselves with that because we have to get the points our own way.“There are different ways to be successful and so far we were successful. That’s 100 per cent true.”Up next for Liverpool is a home clash against Watford FC on Wednesday night.last_img read more

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