Study: South Africa’s Eskom Overexposed to Coal

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Business Day (South Africa):Eskom should curtail the construction of Kusile and retire several of its old coal-fired power stations early to save itself billions and shield consumers from excessive energy costs, a new study suggests.The study, by consultancy Meridian Economics, also says that if SA is to pursue a least-cost path for energy generation in the future, it does not need a gas, coal or nuclear procurement programme but should accelerate the installation of more renewable energy, the price of which is falling.The release of the Meridian study at Wednesday’s Windaba conference in Cape Town came as internal Eskom documents on Monday revealed the extent of Eskom’s financial problems, and that by the end of January, the company will be R5bn in the red and unable to pay suppliers or salaries.Eskom also faces an excess of supply – equal to at least the size of the entire Medupi plant – in the foreseeable future.Meridian MD Grove Steyn said that Eskom’s tariffs, which are the highest in SA’s history, were a direct consequence of its large, expensive build programme in a context of stagnant electricity demand.The study modelled scenarios for the least-cost operation of SA’s power system and calculated the cost to it of removing each one of the power stations. It also investigated the incremental costs associated with running a particular station for its remaining life.This makes it possible to estimate the alternative cost of meeting demand if a station is decommissioned early, or if new plant construction is cancelled.“If the system can meet demand over the same period by using alternative resources such as other existing coal stations, wind and solar – but at a lower cost than the cost of electricity from a particular coal-fired power station – it makes economic sense to decommission that station early, or not to complete it,” Steyn said.The key findings were that the early decommissioning of the Grootvlei, Hendrina and Komati power stations would save R12.6bn in present-day values, and that avoiding the completion of Kusile units 5 and 6 could result in a net financial saving of R15bn to R17bn.More: Study suggests ways power costs can be cut Study: South Africa’s Eskom Overexposed to Coallast_img read more

Renewable resources supplied 33% of Great Britain’s electricity in first quarter of 2019

first_imgRenewable resources supplied 33% of Great Britain’s electricity in first quarter of 2019 FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Clean Technica:New figures by energy consultancy EnAppSys have shown that renewable energy sources generated 33% of the total volume of Great Britain’s generated electricity over the first quarter of 2019, while clean energy technologies (including nuclear) accounted for nearly 50%.According to EnAppSys’ figures, a total of 27.2 terawatt-hours (TWh) of renewable electricity was generated over the first quarter of 2019 in Great Britain (as opposed to the United Kingdom, which includes the Republic of Ireland), 16.6 TWh of which came from wind farms (in line with previous quarters) while solar generated 2.7 TWh (up 43% from the previous quarter and up 46% from Q1 2018).These figures from renewable generation compare favorably with the rest of Britain’s energy mix, where natural gas-fired power plants generated 32.2 TWh, or 39.5% of Britain’s total, while nuclear energy generated 13.1 TWh, or 16%.The figures also highlight the continued decline of coal in Great Britain’s energy mix, which produced only 2.9 TWh over the first quarter, down 37.2% from the previous quarter and down 65% from the same quarter a year earlier.“The market continues to progress towards an increasingly green future and this evolution will be supported by news that National Grid is seeking to manage the system without any carbon emissions for a number of hours by 2025,” said Paul Verrill, director of EnAppSys. “Driving this progression is significant growth in levels of renewable generation which, on current trends, could overtake fossil fuels in the not-too-distant future.“Wind farms were responsible for 60.8% of renewable generation in the quarter and this displaced conventional power stations from the market. Coal has effectively ceased to be a major fuel source in the market and now ranks below gas, nuclear, wind, imports and biomass as a fuel source of significance.”More: Renewables generate 33% of Britain’s electricity in first quarterlast_img read more

India’s solar generation jumps in first half of 2019

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Renewables Now:India saw its solar power generation rise by 32% on the year to 23.7 billion kWh in the first half of 2019, show statistics by the Central Electricity Authority (CEA).The growth rate, however, was significantly lower than that recorded in the first half of 2018, when solar output jumped by 86% year-on-year. This came as a result of the slower pace of capacity additions in the reporting period, during which the country commissioned 3.2 GW of fresh photovoltaic (PV) capacity, as compared to 5 GW a year before.In the second quarter alone, solar parks in India produced 12.28 million kWh of electricity, or 29% more than a year before and 7% more than in the previous quarter.According to Mercom Capital’s India Solar Project Tracker, solar accounted for 8.73% of India’s total installed power generation capacity with almost 31.5 GW of PV parks at the end of June. The country’s goal is to add 100 GW of solar by 2022 as part of its renewables transition. The installation pace in some parts, however, is hindered as developers face serious challenges such as curtailment issues in states including Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.More: India’s H1 solar output grows 32% Y/Y India’s solar generation jumps in first half of 2019last_img read more


first_imgLiterally the freezing of your skin, frostbite occurs when the body is exposed to prolonged freezing temperatures. The areas most commonly affected by frostbite are the nose, ears, cheeks, chin, fingers, or toes. Superficial frostbite isn’t permanent, but deep frostbite can permanently damage the affected areas, and severe cases can lead to amputation.Three Warning Signs for Frostbite• White or grayish-yellow skin• Unusually firm or waxy skin• Numb or tingling tissueHow to Handle ItGet out of the cold as quickly as possible, but try not to walk on frostbitten feet or toes, which only increases the damage. Also, don’t rub or massage the frostbitten area.If possible, immerse the frostbitten area in warm (not hot) water. If there’s no warm water, use body heat.Seek professional medical help if the affected area doesn’t warm up.last_img read more

Women of the A.T.

first_imgJessica Georgia is a hiker and member of the BRO Athlete Team. In 2015, she hopes to inspire more women to join the backpacking scene through her photo essay project: “Women of the Appalachian Trail.” Here is how she describes her venture.As Beyonce would say, “GIRLS, we run the world.” Unfortunately, we don’t run the Appalachian Trail.Backpacking is a male-dominated activity. The Appalachian Trail Conservatory recorded 2,000 milers by decade. From 1930s until 2010, a total of 15,524 hikers have completed the trail. Women made up just 25% of the total hike-completions reported.Personally, I think most women do not backpack due to a lack of experience. Of course, fear plays a significant role, as well as the thought of being a solo backpacker in the woods. It’s daunting. Children and family commitments also play a role in deterring women from backpacking.I am the mother of an amazing 11-year-old daughter. I feel a strong responsibility to empower her and to set a high bar for the definition of a “strong woman.” Most of the major media in this day and age portray women who are 90% photoshopped and it’s unrealistic. I am sure other mothers will relate to this.Change only comes from action. How can we inspire other women to join the backpacker community? How can we uplift each other in the process?For starters, we can begin to share these women’s stories with our daughters, sisters, and female friends.Meet The Iconic Women Of The Appalachian Trail.The first ever female thru-hiker was Mildred Norman in 1952. Her trail name was “Peace Pilgrim.” To be the first of anything is incredible. This inspiring woman went on to walk over 25,000 miles throughout North America.The first ever solo female thru-hiker was Emma Gatewood, trail name, “Grandma Gatewood.” She was 67 years old when she completed it – wow! Talk about a bad-ass female role model. She then completed a second thru-hike at age 69 in 1957. She then went on in 1964 to be the first person to complete the entire A.T. three times.I don’t know about you, but I feel like we need less of Kim Kardashian and more of the Emma Gatewoods of the world.We Really Should Run The Trail.Ladies, how can we form a stronger community?I am personally setting out to thru-hike the entire trail this year. Listen, I don’t have a Ph.D. but I want to do my small part to help empower more women to do more day trips or even start planning their own thru-hikes.I came up with the idea of creating a photo story and I need your help.1. If you are a female thru-hiking the A.T. this year (2015) and are willing to let me photograph you, please reach out to me (jessicageorgiatv @ gmail DOT com).2. Share or contribute to my KickStarter Campaign here.Why are these women doing it? Do they have kids at home? Are they married, single, having a mid-life crisis?!  What are they struggling with on the trail? What do they fear, on the trail and in life?I want to capture the power of these women within the landscape. I want to photograph their highs, lows, and everything in between, from their tears to their triumphs.last_img read more

Trail Mix: New Records in Bluegrass, Bar Rock, and Banjo with Beats

first_imgWith the onset of spring comes three standout records from Bloodkin’s Daniel Hutchens, North Carolina-based bluegrass band Town Mountain, and Nashville folk-hop group Judah & the Lion.Daniel HutchensThe Long Road to RedemptionDaniel Hutchens has been delivering Southern rock tunes with a literary bent with his steadfast partner Eric Carter in the underdog band Bloodkin for more than two decades. The band has been scrappily working regional clubs since the early 90s, never quite achieving the success of similar-sounding contemporaries Drivn’ N Cryin’ and the Drive-By Truckers. But as a mainstay in the storied music scene of Athens, Ga., the group has garnered plenty of critical praise and always had the respect of peers. The band’s debut album, 1994’s Good Luck Charm, was produced by Johnny Sandlin (Allman Brothers Band), and multiple Bloodkin songs have reached big crowds in the repertoire of Southern jam kings Widespread Panic.BVC cover 3000X3000 RGB_FIXSome admiring musical friends helped out with Hutchens’ new solo record, The Beautiful Vicious Cycle of Life (released April 22). The gritty 11-song effort was produced by Panic’s Dave Schools, who plays bass throughout the album and enlists support from a strong cast of Athens’ best, including producer/musician David Barbe on electric guitar and psych-folk multi-instrumentalist Thayer Sarrano on keyboards. Front and center, though, is Hutchens’ powerful bluesy voice, which howls through the tough truths of a troubled soul with an honest notebook.Lyrically, Hutchens looks back at the pitfalls of hard living, even when his brawny barroom chords have an upbeat edge. In “Touch Up Time,” he sings, “I smell that coffee burning down the stove, last night what a long sinful road I drove,” over a country rock groove with plenty of Tom Petty swagger. Going deeper is the haunting ballad “American Country Ghosts,” where Hutchens laments a long list of regrets, including bringing cocaine into his 90-year-old mom’s house, while channeling the lyrical wisdom of Patsy Cline and Waylon Jennings. It’s not all dark, though. In the anthemic fist-pumper “Pretty Girls in Summer Dresses” Hutchens finds salvation through family, admitting “I sweated out my poison, I found my power.” Town MountainFrom the Blue Ridge to the BayouIn a time of continuous genre blurring, fleet-fingered quintet Town Mountain continues to confidently deliver hard-driving straightforward bluegrass tunes that add original character to the genre’s traditional roots. Formed in Asheville, N.C., back in 2005, the group has grown from Appalachian picking party favorites to a nationally lauded act with multiple International Bluegrass Music Association Awards on band members’ shelves.To make its new album, Southern Crescent (released April 1), the band left the Blue Ridge and traveled south to work with Grammy winner Dirk Powell at his studio in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. The record features an expected dose of fast string picking, including the opening fiddle workout “St. Augustine,” but as it unfolds it becomes a well-rounded effort full of front-porch song craft that touches on various shades of roots music. “Leroy’s Reel” has a distinctly Cajun flavor, while “Comin’ Back to You” is a rockabilly dance tune propelled by some boogie-woogie piano.The band’s backbone is the sturdy voice of front man Robert Greer, who blows off a broken heart in the soulful honky tonk shuffle of “Ain’t Gonna Worry Me” and offers some twangy humor about a bad lover that won’t stay away in “Tick on a Dog.” The standout, though, is “Wildbird,” a classic highway song about curing a restless mind with road miles; perfect for a bluegrass band that sounds pretty comfortable getting outside of its comfort zone. Judah & the LionMixing Banjo and BeatsFolk, Hop and Roll is a transparent title for this Nashville outfit’s second full-length album. The folk-pop expansionists continue to look well beyond their acoustic roots by boldly incorporating banjo runs with drum machine beats and digital loops. It can be a startling combination, especially in the genre-mashing declarative “Folk-Hop Sound,” which places a skittish hip-hop beat next to walls of synth and bluegrass-phrased mandolin licks. It sounds more seamless in “All I Want is You,” a hair-raising foot-stomper with an emotional crescendo from the Mumford playbook.Folk Hop N Roll Official Album Cover smaller_FIXThe album, released last month, was made with Nashville’s Americana hot-streak producer Dave Cobb (Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson, and Chris Stapleton), who fortunately never lets the sonic swirling overshadow what Judah & the Lion does best—write inspirational pop songs with tight hooks and infectious melodies. Lead vocalist Judah Akers grew up in rural Tennessee playing in worship bands, and he clearly knows how to hype a crowd. The emotional uplift is in full effect when he shout-sings the chorus to “Take It All Back,” an anthem about choosing romance over fame. It’s easy to see how these songs will kill live. Positive vibrations go a long way.last_img read more

5 Reasons We Love the Z1 Mobile CPAP Sleep Machine

first_imgAccording to the National Sleep Foundation more than 18 million American adults suffer from sleep apnea. If you’re one of the 18 million you know all to well how this disease can hinder a good nights sleep, not to mention limit your time in the outdoors. Now, thanks to a new product from Human Design Medical,  there is help for people who struggle with apnea but like to spend time on the road, either camping outdoors or sleeping in an adventure vehicle.Here are 5 reasons we love the z1 mobile CPAP machine from HDM.img_9980It’s portable!From the Appalachian Trail to car camping in the Great Smoky Mountains, we took the z1 everywhere, and it never failed us. We highly recommend the using the z1 powershell in conjunction with the actual cpap machine, as it allowed us to get as far off the grid as any thru-hike or car camping excursion required.img_7109It fits great in a hammock. One of our favorite ways to spend a night in the great outdoors is curled up in a hammock, and the z1 fits perfectly in the small patch that most hammocks come equipped with. Whether you’re hunkered down in your favorite wilderness area or just napping in the backyard, the z1 and a hammock make the perfect pair.img_9471Perfect for Backpacking.As we mentioned above, the portable z1 makes backpacking and thru-hiking a totally viable option for those suffering from sleep apnea, but these trips will require use of the above mention z1 powershell. When testing the z1 powershell we were happy to find that it reliably holds a charge for 7-8 hours. For multi day trips, consider taking multiple z1 powershells or utilize some type of back county solar charger such as the EnerPlex, Kickr  IV ($130) during your daily activities to keep the powershell primed and ready to nighttime use.Freedom, Freedom, and more Freedom. Before the z1 mobile CPAP machine came along sleep apnea sufferers who love the outdoors were largely relegated to daytime activities, but this revolutionary device allows them to take off for days on end. If you were thinking about taking up a mobile, adventure-based lifestyle but worried about your ability to sleep without a cpap, the Z1 will be an absolute game changer. It’s also great for those who travel frequently. Even with amenities and regular access to electricity to Z1 cpap wins out over traditional cpaps because it’s much easier to transport, and with the new NiteLog mobile app you can monitor the quality of your sleep through the z1 with your iPhone or Android device.It’s lightweight.As anyone who has ever logged miles on a multi-day backpacking trip knows, keeping your pack weight low is crucial, and at a weight of just 10 ounces, the Z1 will help you shave pounds off your load while still allowing for a refreshing and re-energizing night’s sleep.Learn more about the z1 mobile sleep cpap here.Related:last_img read more

UPDATE: Teen Reported Missing 11 Days Ago Walks Out of Great Smoky Mountains National Park

first_imgOfficials in Great Smoky Mountains National Park have located a teen who was reported missing 11 days ago after an off trail off-trail hike in the park’s remote southwest corner.According to local news reports, Austin Bohanan of nearby Blount County, Tennessee, walked out of the park on his own today, emerging near a remote backcountry area known as Tabcat Creek around 2:30 P.M.He’s was then transported to a nearby hospital in Maryville, Tennessee.The 11-day search for Buchanan was headed up by rangers on the park’s search and rescue team, officers with the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Authority and individuals with the Backcountry Unit Search and Rescue team (BUSAR). All told their were 19 active members of the search party.“By limiting the number of searchers in the area, rangers have the best chance to find Bohanan quickly,” a news release from the park service said. “Dog teams and trackers can be hampered by additional people in the area when searchers are looking for signs of hiker travel.”Bohanan was reported missing by his stepfather on Sunday, August 13, two days after he last saw him in the off trail area the two were hiking in. Stay tuned for further updates to this story as more details become available.last_img read more

Fall is Calling…Experience Mountain Maryland

first_imgWhile crisp mountain air and vistas of vibrant foliage are reasons enough for a fall mountain getaway, consider a whole mountain of brilliant reasons to experience autumn in Allegany County, the Mountain Side of Maryland.Catch the Fall Foliage Train Experience Allegany County features three stunning mountainside golf courses, including the Jack Nicklaus Signature Course at the Rocky Gap Casino Resort, which was recently named one of Golfweek’s “Best Courses You Can Play in Maryland”! Relax and enjoy a round on any of the three courses, surrounded by spectacular fall scenery.  Capture an Iconic Fall View The air crisps quick here in the mountains, but fall is the perfect time to squeeze in one last paddle before the falling leaves turn to snow. Lake Habeeb at Rocky Gap State Park offers rentals for kayaks, canoes, and stand up paddleboards and has the picturesque surroundings of the beautiful fall mountains. The Potomac River, forming the southern border of Allegany County, winds along the historic C&O Canal Towpath and through Green Ridge State Forest, Maryland’s largest contiguous forest.Bicycle Through the Mountains Maryland. Be Open For It. All aboard this vibrant excursion, as passengers are transported through the colorful mountains of changing leaves, from Cumberland to Frostburg, Maryland, on the restored diesel locomotive of the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad. The Fall Foliage Experience offers a standard coach ride and optional dining service, throughout October. You won’t want to miss it!Get on the Water So, what are you waiting for? The mountains are calling! Dan’s Rock in Midland, Maryland, is the highest elevation point in Allegany County, overlooking the mountain ranges of Maryland and West Virginia. If a road trip is what you are after, we highly suggest the self-guided scenic overlook tour in Green Ridge State Forest.  Travelers can pick up a map from the Forest headquarters and drive 45 miles, stopping at five scenic overlooks.This fall, let Allegany County, the Mountain Side of Maryland, serve as a home base for exploring attractions and the great outdoors. The accommodations include a handful of charming and historic bed and breakfasts and boutique hotels, a large selection of chain hotels, and beautifully set campgrounds. The Great Allegheny Passage offers an incredible fall foliage ride through the mountains, following the old Western Maryland Railway tracks from Cumberland to Frostburg, and continues north to Pittsburgh, PA. Highlights include Bone Cave, where 41 genera of mammals were found from 1912-1916, including the skeleton of a saber-toothed cat; the picturesque Helmstetter’s Curve; multiple tunnels; the Mason Dixon line; and the Big Savage Overlook, where riders get a gorgeous view overlooking Allegany County.Grab Your Golf Clubslast_img read more

Mexico: Military catches another alleged Beltrán Leyva leader

first_img ENTRE RIOS DO OESTE, Brazil – Federal Police seized more than two tons of marijuana near the border with Paraguay, in the city of Entre Rios do Oeste, in the state of Paraná in southern Brazil, officials said. The maritime police (Depom) confiscated 2,247 kilograms (4,953 pounds) aboard a boat on the waters of the Itaipu dam on Sept. 10. The crew managed to flee before they could be taken into custody, and officials said they haven’t determined the marijuana’s owner. Officials have seized 46 tons of drugs along the nation’s border this year, according to the Brazilian website MEXICO CITY – Marines have apprehended Sergio Villarreal Barragán, the alleged leader of the Beltrán Leyva cartel and one of the country’s most sought-after fugitives, during a recent raid in the central state of Puebla, officials said. Sergio Villarreal Barragán, who goes by the alias “El Grande,” was taken into custody without incident along with two other suspects as they were leaving a house in the city of Puebla, Alejandro Poire, a government security spokesman, said. “This is a new and resounding blow by the federal government against crime, given the high rank of this [dangerous] person inside one of the country’s most extensive criminal organizations, which has now been deeply weakened,” Poire said in a statement. About 30 marines participated in the apprehension, which took about 30 minutes, according to The Associated Press. The arrest of Sergio Villarreal Barragán is a major milestone for President Felipe Calderón’s fight against narcotics in the past year. Felipe Calderón’s first big win occurred when marines killed Arturo Beltrán Leyva, the head of the Beltrán Leyva cartel on Dec. 16 of last year. About seven months later, soldiers fatally shot Ignacio “Nacho” Coronel, the No. 3 leader of the Sinaloa cartel on July 29. Édgar Valdez Villarreal, one of the country’s most-wanted fugitives, was taken into custody on Aug. 30. Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office had offered a reward of about US$2 million for the capture of Sergio Villarreal Barragán, who is a key figure in at least seven drug trafficking and organized crime investigations, Poire said. The Beltrán Leyva cartel “had constituted one of the groups with the largest presence in the country,” Poire said, according to the AP. Brazil: Police seize more than two tons of marijuana BOGOTÁ, Colombia – The navy recently seized about 1.2 tons of cocaine stashed in a cache on a motorboat in the Caribbean Sea. The boat was stopped off the coast of the department of Antioquia, but the three crew members fled before they could be apprehended, according to the navy. The navy made the seizure with the help of counter-narcotics agents and the Administrative Security Department (DAS). It is unclear who owned the cocaine, which had a street value of about US$28 million, officials said. The bust, however, was yet another victory for President Juan Manuel Santos, who has continued to wage a tough fight against narcotics trafficking – a stance taken by his predecessor, Álvaro Uribe. Officials said they’ve seized about 21 tons of cocaine being transported via the Caribbean Sea so far this year, according to the Colombian news website El Espectador. Brazil: Crack-filled car explodes GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala – Counter-narcotics police seized 296 kilograms (651 pounds) of cocaine and two fishing boats and arrested an Ecuadoran during an operation in the Pacific Ocean, Pablo Castillo, a police spokesman, said. The narcotics, which were being shipped from Ecuador, were taken to the Pacific Naval Base about 120 kilometers south of the nation’s capital. Officials did not release the suspect’s name since they are in the process of verifying his identification, according to the Guatemalan news website The operation is a success in President Álvaro Colom’s fight to keep Guatemala from being a hub in the trafficking of narcotics from South America to the United States. Guatemala: Police confiscate 296 kilograms of cocaine center_img CURITIBANOS, Brazil – A car exploded while it fueled in a gas station, spewing crack and marijuana into the street in the city of Curitibanos, in the southern state of Santa Catarina this past weekend, officials said. Idesio Inácio Albino Filho, 36, and Fabiana Maria Fanton, 24, were arrested after police seized 3.5 kilograms (7.7 pounds) of drugs. They were travelling in a Ford Escort from Paraguay to the city of Blumenau, in the state of Santa Catarina, police said, when they stopped at a gas station. But the gas caused the crack, which was hidden in the car’s cylinder, to explode, according to the Brazilian website Filho and Fanton each suffered head injuries and were taken by police to a nearby hospital for treatment, according to The Associated Press. Colombia: Police seize about US$24 million Colombia: Navy seizes more than a ton of cocaine BOGOTÁ, Colombia – National Police officers found $43 billion pesos (US$24 million) they suspect belonged to narcotics traffickers in the western area of the nation’s capital, police spokesmen and government officials said. The seizure “is linked to a very large operation that we are conducting with authorities from the United States,” Defense Minister Rodrigo Rivera told Caracol Radio. National Police Director Gen. Óscar Naranjo would not divulge specific details of the operation because he didn’t want to “interrupt an ongoing operation of the highest impact against Colombian organized crime,” according to EFE. “In the next few weeks, U.S. authorities, Colombian prosecutors and the police will be giving the final result of the operation,” he said. The operation was at least the third major bust in the past three weeks in Bogotá, as police discovered US$12 million in a vehicle on Aug. 30 and US$16 million in another one on Sept. 1, officials said. By Dialogo September 15, 2010 WITH BENITO: NEWS AND SOLUTIONS. Supposed leader, I mentioned, I told him no…no…no, read that and to whom he would read it, Adolfo Hit, a fixed shot. I don’t know how to pronounce it, I don’t care. And how did it end up. FOR BETTER CULTURE. wwwyoutube benito eduardo rojas wwwyoutbe triunfadoreduardo. last_img read more

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