Note the Shanghai weekly updates of love

, love Shanghai before the update to fresh content

the last two years as everyone knows love Shanghai crazy attack outside the chain, if you are still a serious crime against the wind made the taboo love Shanghai, for the new station outside the chain of care is fine, for the garbage outside the chain of love Shanghai hit especially for no weight of new sites, if your site just on the line soon, to feel the spider too much, use a large number of the chain attract spider and ignore the content of the website itself is easy to cause the drop right. So in a week on Wednesday, before the four best to reduce the release of the chain, which is especially important for two days a week, more can increase the number of website content, improve the quality of web site. read more

On site optimization of HTC caused by layoffs

chainFor the death of

Er site or love Shanghai dragon in quick succession of Links, 2~5 a day for several days, so it is easy to be treated as cheating. Another case is only the same type of Industry Union website, a single type of Union will weaken the weight lifting effect.


2, Links website construction

is very large, for this kind of website search engine spiders will spend more time soon, but no matter how the frequency, can not guarantee that all pages are crawled, but through the website map with RSS can update timely presents to the search engine, improve search engine efficiency. read more

love Shanghai innocence

owners through the love of Shanghai refused to outside the chain of tools and some techniques for IP in a technical exchange group the broken pot inside, get rid of the rubbish before the link, start again, and let the weight of the website again. The station will be the specific steps screenshot out later, the author of the site master Wang refused the chain, and in the process of using the love of Shanghai refused to the outside of the chain webmaster tools, can not help people gasped, frightened. read more

No copy Roll up their sleeves dry! Hit headlines, editor in chief, calendar, steel, teaching passeng

has a deep understanding of the early promotion, pain points and problems of entrepreneurs. Early promotion, he says, is often ignored by many start-ups, but in fact, cold start brands are significant to start-up companies. But in an age of information overload, we have to admit that it’s not easy for startups to tell stories."

In the

no money, no one, no channels, how startups do early media promotion, and how to interact well with the media,

page display, green dog network from the user’s point of view, based on maintaining the overall style of the previous high-end, the atmosphere, the visual style and content optimization adjustment plate, make the website interface more concise, intuitive and easy to use, can quickly lead users to demand. This also highlights the innovation spirit of green dog network. read more

How to deal with the love Shanghai irregular adjustment algorithm

by the end of the month, many owners began to worry about whether love Shanghai next month will do algorithm adjustment, the forums are afraid of their own website is jittery, are affected. In fact, as long as the expected catch and development trend of love in Shanghai, and their web site to the development trend of network to drive, also don’t need to adjust the algorithm of things to worry about. To this end, I also love to talk about their ideas on Shanghai adjust the expected trend.

2, read more

Out of the shallows excellent optimization Shanghai dragon Er is how to make

A. learning materials is the transmission of ideas, for example: > is flooding


two: how to learn Shanghai dragon

come here every day there are a lot of people, the most fundamental purpose is nothing more than two: understand the Internet status or learn". The ISM thought for a few good things with others absorption refining. However Public opinions are divergent. what is this, each one sticks to his own viewpoint, the choice? That is also a truth, only the direction of the development of the field, and in the face of the crowd such as the development of the different summary. However, reading to read, you really can master the most valuable thing is the most useful. Teach a man to fish as delegate to fish, this paper starts with the analysis of how to get out of Shanghai dragon, optimization of shoal, improve their ability to master is to become an excellent qualified Shanghai dragon er. read more

Original A5 a ranking on the home page to help me

do you know Shanghai dragon, do stand outside the station and station optimization, we usually maintenance is the station is to increase the chain, we can in the A5 text can rapidly increase the chain, the weight of ascension, nature began to included in the page, the chain and included promotion, website ranking naturally raised, I finish the article in A5 after the next day to see the next ranking, ranking keywords to the home page, the chain on the site rankings as can be imagined how important it is. read more

How to share with smart to construct the high spread of Shanghai dragon soft

can be said now is a critical period for the development of Shanghai because of love, now surrounding competitors are on the Chinese search engine industry is still on, soso, Sogou even in 360, honing skills, hope can make a difference in this area, and as Chinese search engine industry leader, there are a lot of love in Shanghai service vulnerabilities, so in this critical time, consolidation will become inevitable. Would rather kill three thousand, can not miss a. However, we didn’t care this, but what should we do. If this time the author can find a good case, a website about how to revive it with examples of the methods, the " read more

Only 10% of the Shanghai dragon er know how to do web content


your site to seize the most valuable user is ready to buy, maybe he isn’t on your website to understand product information, if your website to be able to attract them, it is possible to quickly.

peer promotion personnel

2. using

purchase stage

, who will visit your web site


if you are in charge of a handling robot website now Shanghai dragon optimization, browsing your site will have? I roughly divided into the following three categories:

1. the person who needs to buy (in charge of the project, the procurement staff, the boss of read more

How to grasp the special station of Shanghai Longfeng process

for the special station of Shanghai dragon how to do? To solve this problem, we need to consider the special station location, clear the site in what way for which user service, so we will be very clear search needs, construction direction and user site content next, according to user search dimension and the topic needs itself in particular, classification of information content, and make corresponding relation between the keywords of the page, then all page keywords deployment. The following three processes to teach you how to do special station of Shanghai Dragon: read more

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