The site was attacked. How to do 3 kinds of attack website solutions

you should have encountered similar problems in the station project, although we who do their own station, but suddenly one day will find our website suddenly being black, this time as long as we open our website to show in front of us the picture often makes us collapse at at this time, you heart is certainly hate teeth itch, but there is no way we don’t offend others, others do not necessarily provoke us, although the heart is very uncomfortable, but also need to solve the problem.

if you want to launch ARP spoofing attacks, the first step is to control right and the site for the same room, with a IP section, a VLAN server, the other server intrusion mode. Get the control program of the machine being controlled by camouflage to deceive the target server for the gateway. This attack is generally in a web page or intercept some code into the user name and password. Against this type of attack is relatively easy, directly notify the corresponding control room can be machine. read more

To do a good job of Shanghai dragon is the kingly way to

Remember the

later came into contact with a new word "search engine optimization", then I feel very fresh, very powerful, should be the ranking of a website to love Shanghai top, so that their own websites have views, at this moment, the heart knot also opened. Finally know why your site no one visit, no reply. The original is because their website content is again good, others can not find you, so there is no one, this time and before different before, "sell themselves", and in the marketing oriented era, we cannot do without the network marketing, we need to website promotion out of its own way, there will be traffic, will have a reply. From then on, I began to add some Shanghai dragon group, began to bubble forum, what A5, the laggards, station, I have a bubble. Also heard some open classes in YY, listening to the veterans for search engine optimization to explain, I began to slowly by the layman to become ill, as time goes by, I know more and more, their website was also brought their own experiments, of course, the effect is very good, a computer technology forum at the time do the daily pageviews are high, included also is very good, then I began to rejoice, in fact, Shanghai dragon did not like his earlier thought so profound, so difficult, in fact, afraid can’t hold on. read more

According to what is right Shanghai sex optimization optimization steps



first, change the understanding of search engine ranking rules.

many owners still remain in the old-fashioned way before, such as more content, more outreach sites will be in the front row, the longer the website ranking will, in fact, if you are a completely new optimization don’t be intimidated by these thinking, the main reason is that you don’t really understand what Shanghai wants to love what the site row in the front position. We first look at the Shanghai Encyclopedia for love love Shanghai values, over the years, love Shanghai chairman and CEO Robin Li, led by love formed by the sea people "Simple and Reliable" core culture, deeply rooted in the love of Shanghai. Shanghai: mobile phone love found whenever and wherever possible, from the site to the mobile phone terminal! Love Shanghai very clear purpose is to make its products and services as we can rely on and trust things, and as an enterprise service users is the basis, so we webmaster should do what? It is actually very simple, just put your content of your service in their own site, let users believe that your product or service, then you side in the initial purpose of search engine users close to service users, your site will be search engine referrals. read more

Adjust the page layout algorithm Google official webmaster worth attention

Google is the world’s most advanced search engine, but in the Chinese search engine boss loves Shanghai. But many people say Shanghai has been in imitation of Google, Google today is the future of Shanghai love. I also agree that. In some time ago Google made clear that to punish too much advertising website, the author aims at this event published a "Google proposed to punish too much advertising webmaster how to deal with the" article, we are interested can look at. But since the proposed punishment too much advertising website, Google official blog on the release of the page layout adjustment algorithm. In fact, these small action is very worthy of our reference station, because many owners are not fully conscious for the Google move today, hereby give the webmaster friends here to share, the main contents are as follows: read more

Most of the network promotion, 2014 outlook!

two, network promotion is worrying, blog promotion concerns

in 2013, it is bumpy period network promotion. Whether it is from the aspects of the construction of external promotion, content, are subject to the constraints of. Such as link sale market, direct hit. The weights of the BBS signature, the effect again and down, even directly cancel. So many chain extension, all of a sudden tears, tears can say ah. The big time investment, is a sieve. Talk about the content, search again, to allow the user to see useful knowledge, which is indirect the pressure on network promotion. High quality, strong related articles, takes time, and in the structure, need to be creative with some. That said and done, ah. read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform talk the use of Canonical Tags

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform article source: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/281


* before the help document did mention highly similar web pages can also use the Canonical tag, but in practice we found that similar use Canonical tag page low success rate.

2, the use of Canonical tags is the premise of several web pages must be exactly the same (or similar height), and the 301 is not the limit.

webmaster webmaster friends talk about the community of Canonical tag’s view, that this is a good way to solve, and 301 similar sites within the repeat page. So let’s talk about it what is the difference between the two, the use of Canonical tags and this note what. read more

Case analysis not updated snapshot from which aspects should we check

snapshot of the stable relationship. If your site service appears, leading to the site can’t open or loading speed is reduced, which is not only affect the bounce rate of your site, the more important is that he will affect the search engine spiders to crawl your site, just imagine, when a spider climb to your site, you he stuck in the site has no mouth, I like to do for the next time you may not go to spider your site. Then we have what is simple method to check the reason is because the web server to snapshot not update? We can use the site log to check, if there are too many 404 error code if you log in, it is pretty close because of the server. I check the site log, the results did not find out what is the problem, and the site access speed is normal. So the author simply ruled out the cause of the server. read more

Five principles must follow the high quality of the construction of the chain

, quality is higher than the number of

here is the emphasis on the link is broad, why? A lot of stationmaster is limited to the construction of the external links in the BBS signature, blog comment, this will cause the attention of search engines, which will undoubtedly remind the site in the search engine optimization, we also believe that the search engines are disgusted with the Shanghai dragon. So as we increase external links can not be widely ignored links. External links should be various types of Web sites, external links should appear in the footer position, will appear in the navigation, we should also pay attention to the links in the text. Here I would like to emphasize some types of domain name, the domain name is the only link to贵族宝贝, as far as possible to increase the number read more

At the beginning of the interview of Shanghai dragon Er how to choose a good company

finally I interview a single Hugh.

said at the beginning, many of my friends are for work, all kinds of reasons, but most of them are not much difference, no company prospects, the salary is too low, the boss cheating, 2 goods charge and so on, a variety of reasons can lead us to leave, not that we do not cherish the opportunities available, but we are not satisfied with the status quo, hope get better development. Like my company now, do not speak words, always cheating, no matter in terms of wages, or future development, let a person can’t stand. The company had promised happiness, not the people came to the dead box allows you to do something, and not to eat meat, how could the company will retain people? Of course, I’m not complaining, I’ve come to talk about the face of so many Er Shanghai dragon company how to choose read more

5 strokes to ferret out the black chain on your site

you can use with the IP site query other website function view with IP have been linked to the black chain, if this is the case immediately contact service processing.

4. via the link position, the link appears to reach the visible screen, black chain effect.

2. using the webmaster tools "website links detection" or chain 3. FTP tools on the site to view the file modification time as our website upload time is March 24th, but most of the file modification time is March 24, one or two of which the modification time is recently, we have to pay attention to, you can edit it file, check the source code, if there is a link to join. Of course, if you are a asp+access site, because the database with visitors access real-time modify the time update, this situation can be ignored. read more

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