Uber also voted $200 million no need to worry about not having money to burn

money is not terrible, can continue to suck money is the key.


Uber is constantly burn expansion, but don’t overlook at the same time it does not stop suction gold. This is not the case, Uber recently from a Russian millionaire who voted $200 million.


is reported that the investment of Uber2 billion is the establishment of the Russian billionaire Freedman investment company LetterOne (L1). L1 plans to invest $20-30 billion in global technology companies in the next few years, with an investment of $1-5. Freedman believes that the Uber management team has the ability to build the company into one of the world’s leading technology companies.

but the two sides did not explain whether this round of financing is a new round of large-scale Uber financing or an independent investment behavior. It is worth noting that, after the amount of Uber financing has reached $8 billion 600 million, the valuation of up to $62 billion 500 million. The Uber independent operations of Chinese companies have also completed the two rounds of financing in a few months, and there is a long list of Chinese investors. Although both at home and abroad are faced with a lot of pressure and Uber, but also can not stop investors favor it. (Wen /Kimmy)

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