Everyone short film resurrection the server is located in Singapore and South Korea


November 29th, everyone can visit the normal page. Screenshot


everyone film " resurrection " server suspected in Singapore and South Korea

surging news reporter found that after the restoration of all film and television, after the domain name resolution IP address is located in Singapore and South korea. This means that today everyone is likely to be in the above two video servers.

everyone farewell after a week, now full of blood resurrection".

began in the afternoon of November 28th, a number of users found that everyone can visit the normal film from the country. Surging news reporter 29 in the afternoon to log on to the site found that video resources or subtitles are currently available for download. Such as the "Big Bang", "a dead-alive person" and other American TV can download the video and subtitles, "super", "body" and other movies can download different subtitles, but "because of copyright issues, not to provide resources to download".

a week ago in November 21st, everyone began to access the film.

the next day, everyone film and television announcement that the site is cleaning up the content, while off the station. It said, has been to maintain the attitude of learning, sharing, excellent translation of overseas film and television drama and the world elite open class, we want to help."

sources said that the day of the Copyright Bureau seized the 5 servers of the film and television, because the unauthorized translation of film and television works".

declined to comment.

concern is that everyone in the film morning of November 28th release of micro-blog that restore the site visit, micro-blog wrote: "Invictus maneo." refers to the netizen, this is the "fourth season" drama track suspects ninth sets of tail lines, in Latin: "I have not yet been conquered".

was founded by a group of Canadian students in the film, in October this year by the American Film Association as the main website piracy. According to the association, Renren provides links to 67 other sites in China, including some websites that offer pirated video.


, all television micro-blog said that due to copyright pressure, everyone in the film website at the end of November will completely remove all copyright free download link resource. However, the micro-blog will soon be deleted.

everyone film resurrection is not the first time. In 2010, the government to clean up a large number of illegal video sites, everyone film short closure.

The United States

network traffic analysis company Kangmusike data show that in August 2014, everyone in the film there are more than 1 million 800 thousand unique visitors.

and everyone on the same day can not access the shooter network is still unable to log on, the site said, "off · · off. Need >

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