DG looking for someone to do poineering work Xiong Xiaoge alternative VC

      as the earliest work in Chinese investor IDG, the first investment sights on high-end fashion goods website — YOKA, the investment process is a model of risk investment in the early stage of venture enterprises.

      this is a venture capital looking for entrepreneurial team and start a business story.

      and entrepreneurs for risk investment (VC) for different investment in YOKA, in the United States International Data Group (hereinafter referred to as IDG) with the idea, go looking for entrepreneurs to set up the company.

      YOKA is a professional high-end fashion media, before investment in the formation of the new media company, IDG has established a joint venture with the United States fashion group, bought the copyright fashion group.

      a signal that, after the traditional IT industry, high-end consumer goods business opportunities, has been favored VC.

      Nuggets fashion market

      this time, well versed in China conditions IDG, the first smell China high-end fashion consumer goods market opportunities, through in the early to participate in the formation of high-end fashion website YOKA to share the opportunity.

      YOKA was founded in December 2006, is specialized in providing high-end fashion consumer goods information website, before mass media reports have been low-key operation for more than 6 months.

      there is a unique Hunan smart Xiong Xiaoge, as vice president of IDG global, a hand not only contributed to such a site was born, but also served as the chairman of YOKA net, spare no effort for the development of this company established less than a year’s website.

      "I’ve been saying that there are only three things to invest in, one is the market, the other is the product and service, and the three is the team of two." In the words of Xiong Xiaoge tells him more than and 10 years of investment experience, the best embodiment of IDG investment in YOKA is this idea.

      "what to eat? With what? What do we play? This has become a matter of great concern." Xiong Xiaoge introduction, with the development of China’s economy, the pursuit of high-end fashion products for customers will be more intense desire.

      a case study of high-end fashion goods. From now to 2008, China’s luxury consumer market growth rate is expected to reach 20%, >

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