2011 Jiangxi nternet Conference held in Nanchang in December 11th

news December 13th, 2011 Jiangxi Internet webmaster General Assembly held in December 11th in Nanchang, the conference hosted by Admin5 stationmaster net, Internet entrepreneurs club, Jiangxi Tang door computer system Co. Ltd., Jiangxi port, phpwind, treasure net, new group net CO assembly to "entrepreneurship, innovation, cooperation, win-win" as the theme. Jiangxi webmaster and Internet sources inside and outside the province, nearly 400 people attended the meeting.

webmaster network editor Chen Guoqiang delivered a speech on behalf of the host, he introduced the theme of the conference with a brief statement, and thank Jiangxi webmaster to the conference’s enthusiastic participation, although his opening is very simple, but he is passionate tone to mobilize the scene with the webmaster friends of the conference to look forward to, to bring you a lot of gifts of hadrons. Grand opening.

in the keynote session, Baidu alliance business manager Peng Wei on the entrepreneur continued to develop solutions to make a speech. He analyzed the China Internet Co in the end there is no chance to make money, with pictures Internet Co profit rate in Pyramid in the form of display, it can be seen that the profit rate of more than 30% of the company’s distribution in Chinese… So Internet Co is not necessarily profitable in the Internet is very developed country, it seems that there are a lot of opportunities to do. Online advertising revenue is increasing year by year, and in the first half of 2011 has reached 8 billion, is expected by the end of the scale will be 19 billion. He also told us how to get more money from the union, but also to the presence of a few suggestions: 1, location is better; the size of the big, 3, rich in material form. Finally, he hopes that we have an open mind, to accept more cooperation, will be better to promote their products out, the presence of the webmaster friends are full of confidence.

is the next CEO Lu Qiaolin issued a "boring Thai community to build a strong local network media" keynote speech, he is his own company to talk about some experience, they as a local community website, now has 4 substations. He proposed to do local portal must from the user’s perspective, for users to consider, their local portals have opened their mayor’s mailbox, always pay attention to people’s livelihood, and do service for users. He also stressed the need to do a local portal to learn to adhere to, and some of his speech also let some of the presence of the portal to do a bit of confidence.

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CEO had Jigui starry piano nets on the Internet sales of combat skills, he first made a field investigation of how many people are engaged in the sale? How many people want to sell all of the company’s products, and become the industry NO.1. The atmosphere of the scene once again reached a climax, and then talk about the understanding of sales, the same salesman to do the sales of different industries are not the same value. He has just done the piano network is free for those businesses to provide advertising, and he has been the user experience in the first place, for the user to solve the problem, to meet the user >

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