VeryCD said to get the audio-visual license has repeatedly faced off.



VeryCD after the new revision (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) November 17th news, the domestic Internet resources sharing platform VeryCD founder Huang Yimeng announced today, VeryCD has received an audiovisual license this month. VeryCD is alive. He doesn’t need help. Previously, because SARFT clean up illegal audio-visual program service website VeryCD repeatedly face off disaster.

it is understood that in the mainland Chinese operating a network game usually need to have "three certificates" issued: electronic publications issued by the General Administration of press and publication of the book and the approval number, issued by the Ministry of culture "permits" Internet culture operation and the Ministry of information industry "card" licensing value-added telecommunications business no..

as early as 09 years in September, SARFT issued a notice requiring video sites without a license to broadcast resolutely shut down. Video download site BTChina because no audio and video license was shut down once the industry speculated that VeryCD will have the same fate. At that time, VeryCD site can not be normal access, causing speculation. In fact, since the second half of 2009 VeryCD has repeatedly suffered the disaster.

in order to obtain this license, VeryCD trying hard transition. At the end of January this year, VeryCD founder Huang Yimeng to make tough decisions, the website content on a large scale adjustment, VeryCD stopped after years of operation of music and film and Television Resources Download service. Since then, in July, VeryCD officially announced the revision, the closure of the previously controversial movies, TV downloads, providing genuine online watch.

series adjustment led to a substantial decline in VeryCD traffic. Many old users can not accept VeryCD revision, have evacuated, resulting in a significant impact on site traffic. Huang Yimeng revealed that the current user traffic and VeryCD peak compared to a difference of nearly 50%.


VeryCD founder Huang Yimeng (Tencent that flows down to clarify technology plan)

however, for flow sharply said, Huang Yimeng said today to clarify the ambiguity about the VeryCD traffic news, although nearly half of the decline in the removal of copyrighted content before download traffic, but no download can still keep the flow of more than half of the VeryCD, that the core value is far more than the download, more growth in other areas. Nearly six months in the past six months, nearly 10% of the user growth.


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