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[review] public comment "fast" and "slow" History: the 2003-2008 trial and error, slow accumulation; the fast development of 2008-2010, the 2010-2013 listed slow; fast moving, slow in 2014: from the group purchase; "slow company" to "the quickstep".


Nobel prize winner Neal Kahneman wrote a Book of "thinking, fast and slow".

public comment CEO Zhang Tao praised the book very much, he concluded: people have two brains, one is original, evolution over the mind, it is more sensible, make decisions quickly; another mind is rational mind, careful thinking, make decisions slowly, but more correctly. From the book, we can come up with a lot of concepts, such as why some people are impulsive, some people are more rational.

look at the reality, why some companies are rapidly rising trajectory of development, but it quickly disappeared, while some companies seem to be very slow, but step by step to get bigger and bigger.

in the field of rapid iteration of the Internet, the company needs more often in the fast and slow to make a choice between. Some chance is transient, if not rely on intuition to make decisions quickly, will miss the opportunity. And some industries must be a small fire simmer, need to wait for the market to nurture, industry development, not only worry.

One, the development of the company

Chinese pen and sword arts, too, only a good grasp of the fast and slow rhythm, can not to miss, but also can develop steadily. We look at this years public comment on the speed variations.

2003-2008 quick trial and error, slow accumulation of

public comment was founded in 2003, two years ago, the founder of Zhang Tao and a handful of workers in the community to create prototype comment, until 2005, a former head of the Li Jing Abbott Chinese market, listed company vice president Long Wei, Zhang Bo in the United States, entrepreneurial experience to finish MBA tree leaves Hong joined the company founder team slowly available. 2005 to 2008, the public comment quickly tried a lot of models and finally found a profitable business model, and the slowest period of work is undoubtedly the accumulation of user comments.

is the co-founder of public comment Zhang Bo introduced, the public comment in the first stage is the book, the user on the website for comments is a delicacy together this paper books, named "fine delicacy", the founders had thought it should be published as a business model.

of course, the book is to make money at the time, for example in Shanghai published the "fine delicacy" circulation of more than 100 thousand, the net profit of 5 yuan, and the model of Hangzhou, Beijing and many other city copied successfully. However, with the increase in the cost of printing, as well as the user’s attention will not remain on the books, this attempt has finally come to an end.

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