Convention and exhibition industry website alliance Council held its first meeting

April 28th, the Convention and exhibition industry website alliance ( board of directors of dozens of members gathered, held the first meeting of the Convention and exhibition industry website alliance council. In this meeting, the person in charge of the local exhibition industry website of the Council of the league and the content of the work focus launched a lively discussion, and the current exhibition industry status quo and future development expressed their views. When discussing the Union Council of the focus of the next step, the members of the Council have said should be further integration of the domestic exhibition industry resources, combined with more local industry influential websites, jointly build up a set of exhibition industry alliance brand.

local convention and exhibition network, said the person in charge, in the current financial crisis situation, the role of local convention and exhibition network for the exhibition industry must not be ignored. Around the exhibition network should work together to share the country through the exhibition information, industry information and other resources, the full realization of local exhibition popularity, so that the exhibition industry is closely integrated, and effectively optimize the environment around the development of exhibition industry, in order to improve the local fair income and create favorable conditions. In addition to the local information sharing, the members of the Council also put forward many feasible opinions and suggestions, such as the integration of more information documents issued jointly held various activities to strengthen the industry, and the exhibition business contact interaction. Members of the Council believe that, under the joint efforts of everyone, the Convention and exhibition industry alliance website will be able to open up a new prospect for the development of the domestic exhibition industry.

The person in charge of the Xi’an convention,

bump exhibition nets, Shenzhen exhibition, Chongqing exhibition, Weihai exhibition, Qingdao exhibition exhibition, Tianjin exhibition Changchun net net net net, Dalian, Zhengzhou exhibition exhibition, Gansu exhibition sites such as participation in the meeting.

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