nternet Co God damn years, your nternet thinking



in the circle of friends to see the company’s annual meeting is almost too horrible to look at, scraper, could not help but wrote a text, tell you the real Internet Co, how should be thinking of using the Internet to transform these God damn Shuabing annual meeting.

Internet thinking in my eyes:

the Internet is a network of information from the source, after the hair out, will be endless spread to each context, so the Internet has spread of dynamic, rather than traditional communication between the two;

I think the Internet is actually a dynamic thinking thinking, everything from a dynamic, global perspective to consider the behavior of thinking, you can become the Internet thinking.

cannot read all Tencent to engage in QQ can have what ambition, but never thought of hundreds of millions of active users based on QQ, and produce a large number of business models; for example Huang Taiji Chang He often failed, making process to study the pancake, supply chain management, but let people down glasses to open luxury car the pancake, everywhere speech, every micro-blog interactive fan brush.


in the conventional thinking it looks really awful, but received miraculous guidance thinking, is the best reflects the thinking of the Internet; each point for the propagation of a surface to surface, extended through each point, finally the first line power play.

we know what the Internet is thinking, began to talk about the topic, how to use the Internet thinking to transform the company.

first, the transformation from the prizes

The traditional

annual meeting, sweepstakes prizes are generally tuhao gold, millet, such as "follow the trend of cash prizes", more "default follow" even places, and the number of just one or two.

you in the WeChat brush circle of friends, the first prize of our company is a tyrant king, who can you bright blind eye? This prize was sent out, cool people are winners, companies have to spend several thousand dollars for one of the cool, from the perspective of ROI not at all worthwhile, you’re trying to get people who didn’t win, the company will think of pride? Unless you send one hundred gold about employee satisfaction nouveau riche; without any promotion, it also means that thousands of dollars went to


prizes must be, this budget must be to spend, how to spend the value of the Internet thinking come!

why should a game company in Shanghai female please? He is not invited actress, but through the actress to attract the public eye, to make the spread of points.

so the first year of the transformation of the Internet thinking is: manufacturing can spread point. This point is either special or odd, especially the nouveau riche.

odd, prize money is not important, but the prize itself, such as just said actress award night, startling, you hear, you will not be tempted to tell the people around you


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