Cai Wensheng the success of the business model is to return to this essence

all the success of the product is to understand the human nature, understanding of human nature; all the successful business model will return to the final results of the financial itself, all companies are finally doing financial. Read the human + + financial integration, is the best business model.


I want to talk about today is a summary of my own in 2008, every time, every time I have a new feeling, a new understanding.

entrepreneurial orientation and product positioning

a, no matter what products have to follow the three principles: there are needs, strengths, interests

first of all, whether we venture or investment, the most critical thing is to choose a direction, that is, product positioning. A product must meet three important principles: demand, advantage and benefit.

1, there is a demand for

demand, in fact, most people are talking about pain points. For example, before a service, or a company’s product defects, we think we can improve it, then there is such a demand in the market. Have the advantage, is to say that you find the same pain points, but not necessarily you can do, you have to combine your own advantages. We all know that WeChat is now the best, we know that Taobao is also very good, Baidu search engine is better, the problem is that we do things like this is not an advantage. My advantage is that when you find this demand, the market has not yet erupted, then you have a chance.

, for example, in 2003, the whole of China’s e-commerce market is eBay world, they accounted for 90% of the market share. Taobao is in December 2003, when Chinese users only 70 million -8000 million, interested in electronic commerce is only about 10 million -1500 million, there was no significant eBay occupy the advantage, although he accounted for 90%, but the market does not erupt. The outbreak of China’s e-commerce market is in 2006-2007, so Taobao in 2004, 2005, the force, quickly put the eBay kill. After the outbreak, Baidu do have ah, Tencent do pat, there is no chance, because at that time the market has erupted.

we have a lot of people say that the fear of Tencent, indeed, when a market has just started up, Tencent if you do it immediately, the market you are basically beaten by him, including the then chat. But if you are in the lead before the outbreak, you do not have to fear. For example, when the storm to do the player, and later Tencent made Tencent audio and video; thunder do download, Tencent has done a whirlwind. 4399 we started in 2004, when the market broke out, to 2007, 2008, 4399 have got the market share of 40%-50%, then the Tencent out of 3366, many people said to me "you may have to worry about Wen Sheng", a Tencent 3366 interface better than the 4399.

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