QQ is Facebook (2) from QQ group to alumni record

the last time I wrote an article called "QQ is Facebook", there are some discussions on 5G. At the time of writing from both hands, not to mention the details. Today, I saw some of the dynamic QQ alumni, could not help but say a few words.

first said a few details, QQ group and Tencent to promote his alumni record details:

1, alumni and QQ group can be bundled.

2, tied to the QQ client can send an invitation to invite the same group of people to join the alumni record.

3, alumni recorded on the dynamic can be displayed in the QQ group, can also be displayed in the QQ space.

4, alumni record published articles and articles published on the QQ space can be synchronized.

5, alumni program has been very perfect, smooth operation, fast. Unlike the previous QQcampus is a semi-finished products (estimated that has stopped updating).

can be seen at least three points:

1, Tencent is indeed in the force of the campus SNS, it may be said, how now began to engage in alumni records, others Facebook and campus network has long been open to the whole society. Oh, if the Tencent like Thousand Oaks footsteps on the Facebook, the QQ is not QQ


2, can also be seen from the details of the QQ alumni association with QQ space, so I had to mention Qzone. Many people think that Sina’s blog is the most successful, in fact, the most successful is not in the ring, even do not call themselves a blog, the most successful is Qzone. Sina blog profit model is nothing but stay in advertising, and how much charge "Qzone diamond" we know members? According to the yellow diamond grade and rank, the most conservative estimate is 2 million, these members every month to pay 10 yuan fee, and one (the membership fee) income is Everfount.

Qzone of the most used, Qzone’s biggest profit, Sina celebrity blog influence and how big?

pulled away, I mainly want to prove the use of Qzone and viscosity. Qzone is the main log, and its new version has achieved a high degree of customization and interactivity. Qzone to the direction of the QQ group is a little bit of SNS, QQ group to the direction of Qzone is a little bit of SNS, if combined…… QQ alumni record is a combination of products, it is actually called Qzone and QQ group data.

3, the most important point is: from the above mentioned a few details can feel the QQ group and alumni record is very close, and even can not be divided in the group or in the alumni record. This is exactly what I said in "QQ is Facebook (1)": Ma Huateng is really confusing the QQ group and the alumni record >

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