Subversion of tradition WeChat marketing is so fun

"what is WeChat?" almost everyone has played WeChat, but can you tell me what WeChat is? To tell you the truth, a few days ago, someone asked me, really asked me to live. Because it is difficult for me to find a word to describe what is WeChat, the father of WeChat Zhang Xiaolong said WeChat is I/O, many people may not know what is I/O, simply say I/O is input and output, but the word I/O is too deep, too professional, so it is difficult to explain to WeChat let the people understand, in fact, simply say WeChat is communication between people.

we are now a lot of businesses and individuals in the use of WeChat, but in the understanding of the vast majority of people in fact have the wrong positioning of WeChat, WeChat is the communication between people, this is not false, but the communication is not limited to communication, he is a system, a platform. I share the following are my personal long-term wise remark of an experienced person to help, hope:

[WeChat is only open to you a door]

Why can

WeChat within a few years swept the country? Why can quickly be used in all walks of life? All these show that WeChat itself has a market value and development value is large.

Now we can

through WeChat chat, video, tickets, shopping and mass information and so on, in our eyes, WeChat is a social, browsing, shopping platform, then we think WeChat is very powerful, but you think that one day, WeChat can be programmed about things, from passive into active service? Perhaps these you can not think, but WeChat really can do, will also move in this direction, so you can see WeChat’s just a little bit.

[to do marketing: WeChat, WeChat is also


may now talk about WeChat marketing, talking about WeChat’s public platform for the enterprise, we first thought is also the first to achieve mass information. Yes, this is the WeChat platform simple and most direct means of marketing, but you have to follow this path to go, WeChat marketing will die, this is a dead end!

, for example, take our own terms, you just start playing WeChat may feel fresh will add some WeChat public number, they may for the first time when you send the information you will carefully read, and if the public platform every day to send a message to you? It is the day we will N received much public information platform recommended that, in our eyes, this information is not what difference and spam messages, the most direct and effective way is to put these accounts. So the so-called marketing will be harm to others.

we develop WeChat’s circle in order to maintain their own customers, because now the mining of new customers has become increasingly difficult, and now the business seems to be aware of this, they will not give you too much information, but began playing the "battle", such as the annual.

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