Talking about how to use the forum to carry out effective marketing

1, find suitable for promotion forum. Now there are many online forums, there are many forums are good to the largest, the most complete and so named. We choose the forum, we must know how to distinguish. The first step: in Baidu, GOOGLE search platform method: direct input "keyword + Forum" to find; method two: input "key" to find relevant industry portal website directly, and then go to the second step: the forum for screening methods to find the forum. Selection criteria: look at the popularity of the Forum (focus). The concrete performance, can see the corresponding section of the products and their related information, the daily post about how much? How many existing forum posts, click reply? How many? The screening criteria two: view the forum IP visits. Screening standard three: check the forum pr.

2, registered a number of ID (Ma Jia) to leave notes. Through the search and screening, the general can be locked around 3~10 key forums, as the main forum for the promotion of the future. Recommended to all BBS address find added to the favorites and name preservation, and concurrent registration ID one or more posts. For the key forum screened out, suggest at least registered more than 5.

3, prepare soft Wen and pictures. One of the benefits of forum marketing is that it can be used in a way that is more similar to that of the consumer. And can be used to identify the identity of the consumer to use the product and consumer experience. So, you do not visit to prepare more pictures of the product, every detail to show our dripping wet, which can promote the post attention, but also can improve the amount of posts can also keep abreast of the benefits of each show the product detail.

4, post. In the post before, must first design good, this is a post theme and purpose. To design, through this stick to the direction of the consumer to guide. To design, in which part of the post, leave a suspense, arouse the interest of consumers more strongly.

5, post and guide. Their hair paste, they must always reply. Change the name or identity reply, or added that the type of reply. In order to drive slowly the popularity of the posts.

6, sustainable marketing. Recommended in the key forum, issued monthly 2~5 theme stickers, reply. At least a month to develop a fine paste (not necessarily add, but the sentiment to the fire). In reply to your post, you can put up your own paste link.

forum group. Forum marketing, there is a way to be able to pass the forum group, the forum group software to achieve the bulk of the soft send.

recommends caution!

a little bit of view, share out, hope to be able to benefit from being studied in the comments!

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