Will launch the site to ensure the success of the site

staging site

  often see large real estate strategy is phased out to sell, this marketing strategy to ensure the success of the project, while controlling the risk. Once a large real estate to build up, all aspects of the pressure of capital marketing is very large, phased selling strategy in the real estate market is very common.

  the same reason, the application of the project in the implementation and operation of the site, will achieve very good results.

  some customers first website, hope to build the website into an e-commerce platform, hope to manage customer orders and go through the online way, there is no wrong, this is the future trend. However, we generally recommend that the first phase of the customer or the product and information to do a good job, attached to an order form can be. Realize the function is not difficult, the key is to put these sites function in place, order management seems simple, but it is difficult to use a good.    

allows users to use      

  for many industries, the site is more so, phased on-line, both to control the cost of the initial investment in the site, but also to speed up the speed of the market launch site. Especially in many operation mode is not very mature industry, because there is no successful case can refer to, is a bit more touching the stones feeling, only in the process of users continue to use and continuous feedback in the website to get perfect. Look at the site is very large very perfect, sometimes it is a lot of things done behind closed doors, the user may not buy it.

  the idea of phased launch site, better reflect the user as the core of the idea. Large website, the function of all launched, allowing users to use a lot of things, this time out, to adjust and modify the cost is very high, some sites have been ofanything. If phased launch, phased use, a lot of problems can be faster feedback back, the layout of the site will be a lot easier to adjust.

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