Copy learn bad products sell better

"forbidden love in school."

this is a ban issued by her parents. Soon, Carrie became the first class of female students love. Originally, Carrie did not mind to love and interest. Parents issued a ban, immediately began a love trip.

this happens, is a bad factor make ghosts. Love ban no effect, students have turned to underground love, a large area of wanton spread.

what is the bad factor


when people tell you that we can not do what when the bad factor immediately jumped out, let us to do this thing.

, such as children are not appropriate, the boys immediately raised interest. For example, Adam and Eve, they secretly eat the forbidden fruit. For example, Pandora, warned her not to open the box, but curiosity will kill the cat.

there is a fact that you do not like to do the provisions of the matter, more keen on violations.

, for example, provides breakfast on Sunday, but you can’t afford to lie in bed. For example, the doctor said you can not drink, and then opened the bottle at night.

each one has bad factor, you are not exceptional. Not the same form, you may lift bestie skirt, you may make a bad news to frighten friends, perhaps when students sleep posted a note behind him.

makes a little bad, can make your products fun, can bring unexpected results. How to write a bad copy? There are four main ways.

1, create taboo.

2, from others.

3, good black box.

4, let the brain turn.

men don’t come bad, charm is not so big. Forbidden fruit if not forbidden fruit, not so tasty. In the same way, so does the copywriter.

a, create taboo

bad guys are better known than good guys.

is banned things easier to increase sales. Such as a book, once banned. The news spread, the search began to double. "The Golden Lotus" so famous, not because it contains obscene content, but because it was banned.

disaster film is now very fire, but also the truth. To see the collapse of the bridge, the dumping of the building, we began to crazy heart.

copy of the commonly used techniques are as follows:

1, do not point.

2, this article toxic.

3, smoking ban in public toilet.

4, an hour to open.

5, the store only women into.

remember that there was a classic marketing case, that is, a grocery store set up a signboard

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