Soft Wen promotion the title of the article is important


do promotion of most of the people all know, if it can be put into the many famous forum, even when the quality of their confidence often failed to pass the examination, many people wonder, in fact sometimes have not been audited because the title of the article there is a problem, many let the editor read the title just don’t want to open your soft look, direct shot, so write a good title for the article is very important! How can make the title to attract people? The author summarizes the following five points, hope to be able to help


A: the title should be personalized and creative

The potential desire

personality and creativity can stimulate people’s hearts, and more attractive, but I do not advocate some offbeat title, do not advocate the use of vulgar words to attract eyeballs, and this kind of title will often be edited directly shot, even if the editor could escape the eyes, then the site for you these vulgar words to attract people and what help? Is often counterproductive, you know we are anti vulgar, is a new round of rectification movement, so vulgar title can not be


two: title to have thought

a lot of the title of the article is empty, this title often brings a Yunshanwuzhao feeling to people, do not know what to say, what expression, so write the title must have real, thought and connotation, so your title let a person look to know your article to express what. There will be no further reading desire, the title can often and hot keywords linked

effect will be better!

three: the title to vivid


title is actually highly generalization of your article, is concentrated essence, so the title must be vivid in order to attract people attention to your article, so that it can enhance the title penetration, otherwise it is a good article, only a mediocre title still not to be able to attract people to read your article!

four: title party do not do

remember that this year’s Spring Festival Gala Feng Gong sketch with a female reporter is a typical title of the party, the title of the party is to increase the click rate of some, but when the time and time again to deceive the user’s feelings, you have the temptation of the title is also very difficult to impress others. Sometimes the true power is often more infectious


five: soft enough to fake original


described here is the title, the title is very important, but the text is also very important, your title to attract people reading your article, but if you are wrong, the statement is not fluent, or everywhere copy others, do not have their own ideas, such soft Wen write out what is the use? So soft, can best be original, of course can learn from the works of others, but to have their own ideas, to be innovative, so that it can attract people write text, this can only be regarded as a qualified


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