A preliminary study on the classification and promotion strategies of audience groups in local porta

local portal site just unfolding in the Internet world, each of the local portal website "you Changba me play". At the beginning of the provincial and municipal local portal website, the development of the local portal site has almost spread all over the country, and some villages and towns have also launched their own portals. Local portal sites not only spread over a wide range, but also a large number of development. Not to mention the provincial and municipal portal buildings, only a small town had been the "gateway" flying. Service area, the high degree of overlap of the object, is bound to cause the fierce competition of these sites. You are "the first", I am "the biggest", who wants to be the boss, who also does not accept who!

as a local portal, facing the grim situation and fierce competition, how to win, take the road to success? The most important thing is to the local audience have a clear, rational, objective and accurate analysis. The author believes that the number of local portals according to the number of groups and the degree of activity can be roughly divided into the following five categories:

1, local city computer users. This group should be the most mainstream local portal, the core of the service object. The group has the largest number of people and the highest level of activity in the local audience. Most of the services of the local portal sites around them, so this group should be the focus of local portal. According to this group, the most important is the supply and demand of information service construction outstanding website, explore the instant and effective ways to promote information. As a local portal site responsible person, you must buy a newspaper every day, the newspaper is a most important way; in addition to carry out various forms of cooperation is necessary in the city, such as all kinds of information intermediaries, local schools, supermarkets in the city; and do website offline activities is the local portal the most important point of website promotion.

2, local Internet users. Internet cafes are one of the most intensive areas of the local computer. A place often has a lot of Internet cafes, each hundreds of hundreds of Internet cafes. Local portal sites and Internet cafes cooperation is imperative, such as Internet cafes posters, computer wallpaper, mouse pad promotion advertising to a paved site and be too numerous to enumerate, Internet cafes mutually beneficial long-term mutual benefit cooperation way, it is the local portal to win.

3, local students studying abroad. Although this group is not local, local portal services also seem to be not on them. However, the frequency of this group is high, and the level of knowledge is relatively high. From the perspective of their network is very wide, sometimes on something of interest will be the final problem, they are willing to spread all about home, they always talked about. Local portal site to let them see the local things, especially the local culture, do about the local history records, photographs, videos and other content, is the local portal to win this group the hearts and minds of the king. In short, please do not ignore this group, they may be the source of your site’s word of mouth.


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