(a) GOOGLE search.

A brief introduction of  


Google (www.google.com) is a search engine, composed of two doctoral students of Stanford University and Sergey  Brin Larry  Page; Google  Inc.  was invented in September 1998, was founded in 1999. 2000 in July, Google alternative Inktomi become Yahoo’s search engine, in the same year in September, Google became China’s NetEase search engine. 98 years so far, GOOGLE has received more than 30 industry awards.    

GOOGLE supports up to 132 languages, including simplified and traditional Chinese Chinese;    
GOOGLE website provides only a search engine, not garish drag;     br < />GOOGLE fast, is said to have more than 8 thousand servers more than and 200, T3 broadband;     PageRank

GOOGLE can provide a high percentage of search results;    
GOOGLE search results from query part of the specific content of the web page, but is not only the site;    
GOOGLE intelligent "good luck" function, may provide the most suitable websites;    
GOOGLE "snapshot" function, can be removed from the GOOGLE server directly cached page.    

GOOGLE without the use of explicit "+" to express the logic "and" operation, as long as the space can be.     />

note: search syntax quotes in only the outside reference, can not be brought into the search box.    


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