How to quickly get the real flow, steady flow

we do stand, the most important thing is the real traffic, through the background statistics can be found, the search engine is to bring the IP address is the most. So if you want to get more traffic to the site, so that the search engine to find your site, including more pages. Chinese search engine, the user is the most Baidu. Of course Baidu can not hang in a tree, in addition to Baidu, we also need to think of other ways to bring real flow, to introduce the following eleven.


1 first, of course, is to go to Baidu login

Baidu free login address method is very simple, in which I will not say.

2 join Baidu search alliance

joined Baidu search alliance, fast login Baidu search! This is the Baidu login page is written, many webmaster to "beautiful, do not add code, after I test and found that if you are in your home page on Baidu search code, Baidu not only will soon be included in your site, and the update speed will not search than the code plus the website quickly, very simple, people are selfish, you help Baidu, Baidu will help you. Although the search code will affect the appearance and speed, but it will bring you more traffic, the contrast is still worth it, and the search code can also define their own color size, so you will be as long as the search box and the web together is good, if your site traffic, you can also get Baidu the commission.

3 how to get more traffic from Baidu


is a collection of Baidu, but from Baidu to IP are rare, so I can teach you a good way to use the Baidu Chinese Search Ranking (, released some of the content on your website, the title of what must be included in the list of keywords, so that the probability of you "to search the user on the most, you may ask the other web pages also have such keywords, Baidu and Google are listed according to the list of keywords, you enter a keyword, and the key agreement and the quantity is much, it will be in the front row, so you put on key words in the title page, you should also put a few more keywords in the first paragraph of the page, because the search engine list directory is based on Web page title and web page content at the beginning The. In addition, it is noteworthy that the web content you add is best related to your site in the column, if you’re in a technical column, add some to Li Yuchun for the keyword ", then you will be your user scolded, and Baidu will suspect you cheat, this is The loss outweighs the gain..

how to determine the key words to my forum as an example, my forum is web design and graphic design, the list of Reagan

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