How to operate the local portal network

many business local portal nets webmaster see I write "personal webmaster want to make money to answer the 33 questions" after the exchange with me, some webmaster about operating local portal maintenance effort, promotion difficult, profitability difficult, I can’t be with you one by one on communication, write this

on how to operate the local portal network and share your views.

first, the local portal site to have a "media" concept.

media is a tool for communication and dissemination of information, is a kind of information carrier, such as television, radio, newspapers, magazines, Internet media is called the fourth media. The location of the local portal network is very clear and local television, local newspapers, local radio is a local media. Local television stations, local newspapers, local radio how to manage you how to manage the local television stations, local newspapers, local radio how to promote you on how to promote the local TV stations, local newspapers, local radio how profitable you how to profit. Of course you don’t forget the characteristics of network media and traditional media is not the same, can not see I say this is completely mechanically, here I mean that you have to learn and master the way the media operation.

second, local portal columns first to a convenient and effective release, check all kinds of local people need information, not Tandaqiuquan, don’t do it.

local portal is to do to the local people to see, meet the local people’s needs, the local people landing more, your site will have commercial value. The Internet for local people is the largest real estate information, personnel information, matchmaking information, second-hand information, local service information, all kinds of merchant promotion information. Local news is also popular, but because of the sensitive topic, need pre-approval and editing difficulties, do not have enough strength. Local portal nets are generally set up a real estate, personnel and other types of information channels, but many columns are lack of convenient effective classification retrieval function, and even some website column is not based on the information, but the information in this article mainly. If you look at the information article on Sina, Sohu, to what you do here. Column settings, energy consumption on the natural, column quality will be reduced. This is also the reason why the development of many local portal network, but the local industry network.

third, the promotion of local portal network should pay attention to the integration of space, to be good at all kinds of activities.

local network gateway to the information channel information content began to do less, wait for the release of netizens paltrily, has introduced a simple and effective method for everyone, is the arrangement of manpower by street by the local merchants to Lane free registration and the masses of all kinds of information, free release to the web, per person per day registration information specified tasks. Then collect printed leaflets for free, of course, inscribed to play their advertisements and. Edge registration publicity, the other side would like to know more information will naturally log on to your site, some uncle aunt home without a computer, not

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