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in the staging of music and fun staging rapid staking when a dark horse reached the China mainland young stage market.

specifically for young people loans and pure online mobile lending, I came to the loan, today (January 20th) announced the acquisition of 1 billion yuan B round of financing. This originated in Hongkong, based in Shenzhen, said the company, which is currently one of the largest B lending platform China Mobile round of financing, but also in addition to the amount of money outside the B second round of financing.

investor background is very special. This round of investment by Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund – Malaysia Treasury holdings lead investor, European direct bank ING (Holland International Group) and the Guangdong provincial government’s state-owned enterprise Guangdong branch financial group investment. In the mainland Internet financial institutions investors, "Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund + European banks Chinese + local government fund" mix is rare.

Guangdong branch as the background of state-owned assets, with its listed companies, small loan companies and Guarantee Corporation and many other state-owned assets. I came to the loan founder and CEO Long Peizhi said, Guangdong branch is the last to participate in, the investment is still relatively small, and now only the first round of delivery, this round of financing will be more than 1 billion when the final close.

Vice President Zhang Jianliang said

Chan Ying group, the special financing is financing speed, investment background is very special, but the amount is very large, released on the net loan home 113 Internet financial investment, usually A and B round round in the tens to hundreds of millions, the amount of loan to me in the forefront.

founder Long Peizhi in Hongkong’s top financial institutions have many years of experience, the executive team is quite luxurious. According to its introduction, I came to the bank with a number of banks to maintain a good relationship, so now the proportion of funds from the bank accounted for 50% to 70%, the remaining funds provided by some P2P".

and the current stage of the university students who are the main service providers Online + line sign the following different ways to control the wind, I come to adhere to the pure online mode of the loan, quite unique. Also, the dragon is also quite Peizhi rejection at present Internet giants do wind control depends on the social data and business data, he said: "social data and data providers for risk control was no help!", this is because "the sale of a person’s behavior with him is not a good person to borrow Never mind. The electricity supplier data can guess their income, but can not determine good or bad."

Long Peizhi told the 36 krypton, there are a lot of WeChat and Ali data, but in the risk control, it is hard to say whether there is help. I came to the loan data source is a collection of data from the mobile user behavior (such as mobile phone brand, mobile phone SIM card information, location information), the other part is the transaction data by partner get, know the user’s way of life.

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