Do you think clearly before making the video

video is a powerful narrative medium: it can not only be used as the test field company promotional activities, but also ideas will be interesting, caused by sound and picture the emotions into the video, so that the relationship between the brand and the audience is more intimate and close.

Value orientation of


video is the most versatile strategy for content marketers to use. First, they can be chopped, cooked, cooked, and then packed in various ways. For example:

works in the form of long videos and short videos – from 6 seconds of grape video to a complete grape growing documentary, everywhere.

immediate, independent statements or blocks, sort and expand the dialogue.

If you are so

main course, advertising is an appetizer.

can be found on any content platform such as your website, blog, or other channels; email;

third party video website YouTube.

is suitable for computer and mobile phone environment consumption time.

is repackaged, reproduced, or merged with other related content to become a new content.

long-term archive, or upgrade to a live event uploaded to the platform.

can be instantly shared on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc..

of course, it’s not always possible to make your content in an ideal form. For example, CMI Content Marketing Association vice president Michel · Lin pointed out that sometimes your audience may be more willing to read an essay instead of watching the video, because it’s faster, do not need too much attention.

tip: how do you prove that creating a video is the right decision? Ask yourself, in the form of video to show the story, whether you can emphasize the advantages of sound and picture. If the answer is NO, consider using a low-risk approach (including production and consumption). If the text version has been well received, you can then decide whether to display in the form of video.

how to run your video?

, like any strategy, starts with your marketing goals and decides what to create. Fortunately, from a marketing point of view, the video offers a range of innovative and strategic options that can be applied to almost any content marketing objective or purpose. Let’s look at two examples:

to promote brand awareness and interest: through the video, you can provide a unique, entertaining, or personally on the scene experience, help the audience to create a brand with an unforgettable story and make them remember what that means.


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