Rapid increase of the six strategies of blog Alliance

imagine such a situation. You happen to be visiting a great website to provide profitable alliance projects. You sign up immediately, and can’t wait to tell everyone you know about your referral link.

you create a new personal information page in the forum, and add in the back of your referral link, in addition, you can also comment on some blogs and URL or special identification way leave referral links.

you can even publish a short blog post that includes only a brief opening, an attractive summary on the site, and a link to your alliance.

and then nothing to do, just look forward to your referral statistics. What is the number of people registered? How much money do I make? I want to make a plan for the next step. Maybe it is to send an email to someone you know, perhaps to create a banner ad or action button for your blog. By doing this, you may feel that you have done enough work and make sure that the "Qian Shu" will bring you lasting benefits. Right,


wrong! The referral link is more important than all of the above, it is an effective way to benefit in the short term. It is important to create a focus on long-term promotion strategies if the Alliance Program is to provide a continuous Commission income.

six important strategic initiatives to increase your alliance referral

The following six strategies of

can increase the number of referrals you apply to any alliance program and website, as well as various industries, and generate long-term benefits.

but note: although they also apply to other common sites, but mainly for the blog.

1, the results of the early search rankings is very necessary – quickly get ranked

is one of the first to describe a particular site or alliance, and it will make it easier for you to get the top ten rankings in most search engines. This is because some specific programs or keywords competition is very small.

Another advantage of

‘s early ranking is that users will often find these specific sites, because they need more details, so. You should try to meet their information needs, because if there is no other resources, or a small amount of available resources, then they will likely be registered through your link.

sometimes a casual comment, it will bring a lot of referrals. Don’t even bother to update the comments, also do not have to increase referrals and do anything: not at the forum in the blog published on irrigation, not sell information, do not participate in the activities of PPC, email marketing, without the link without login. Don’t do anything.


websites have many unique words, although some blog ads or banner ads is completely free, but the site has a good ranking, the ranking can also let the blog through the alliance to >

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