Low cost marketing of small websites

e-commerce in China is in the ascendant, in addition to Taobao, Jingdong these giants, numerous personal e-commerce sites have sprung up. But these small sites to money funds, technology not technology, how can the strong competitors in the market to survive? The author practical experience to talk about small personal website marketing method.

small marketing methods: a combination of online marketing and offline marketing

small sites in advertising, ranking the general situation will not be too good, so by no means a single source of business is too simple. I had a little early in the operation of the company website, they start the biggest frustration is the website ranking also didn’t go up, flow is very limited, the business volume will naturally go up, then my solution is given to the line under the combination of extended business sources. Then as the guiding ideology, the first is in the target group is located in the office area, a large number of leaflets, and engage in theme planning activities in some areas, and made several SMS marketing, business volume will go up slowly. In fact, the cost of marketing under these lines are not high, but as long as you plan in place, grasping the target customer base, then often play a very good effect. By the end of the year, because the distribution of information on the site’s Web site, the site’s direct input address access to the customer is also up, through the line activities played a role in promoting the development of online business.

small marketing method two: micro-blog marketing

this past year, micro-blog in the China is basically in the limelight, the fire in a complete mess, there are a lot of successful marketing team by micro-blog. Compared with the traditional marketing, micro-blog is a relatively new media, so we are basically in the same starting line. On the web site, if operating properly, can use the huge effect to spend very little.

has a lot of articles detailing the operation of micro-blog in the marketing aspect, there is no longer described, only a few details to remind you: one is the best of micro-blog real name authentication, increase trust; two is to pay attention to the influence of the micro group; three is to fully organize the activities of micro-blog planning.

small marketing method three: make good use of classified information website

for small sites, in the classified information website advertising information is an effective way to reduce the cost of marketing, the effect is not bad. Of course, in the concrete implementation process there are also some key technology is to grasp, such as not all products are suitable for advertising, classifieds site in general, service class, class of second-hand goods relatively better than some. At the same time, advertisers should pay attention to the classification of information released to the group targeted customer of your concern, if the target customer base is fuzzy, can also be multiple classification, if necessary, can also buy some top service.

because of the credibility of the classified information website and the audience is not as good as

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