How to do a good job tracking competitors extrapolate

the rapid development of the Internet has laid a solid foundation for the globalization of the market economy, enterprises want to seek development, to explore a wider and wider consumer channels can not be separated from the role of the internet. Therefore, the vast majority of traditional enterprises will operate the project and the line moved online, Internet marketing has therefore become a hot marketing channels. Nowadays, enterprises at the beginning of the Internet, in addition to the usual method and pay attention to the promotion means, but also pay more attention to collection and utilization of information to competitors, only have enough competitors to do the enemy. Therefore, how to track the situation of competitors to do so has become the most important consideration of most of the online operation of enterprises.


to the country, small to the enterprise, want to be based on the world, the collection of competitors intelligence is one of the most can not be ignored. Timely grasp of the extrapolation of competitors can not only tell each other’s promotion direction and competitive advantage, can also facilitate the promotion of ideas and adjust their strategies and find more and better extrapolation network platform, in short, the more the more for their own benefit, a lot of people just knowing this will be part of the effort to track competitor extrapolation conditions, but also a lot of people have found tracking competitors and extrapolation is not a simple matter, not only need to consume enough energy, but also need to spend a lot of time.

in fact, tracking competitors how do extrapolation is still a relatively simple method, network marketing is the use of cloud claw advanced analysis of extrapolation competitors management system of all-round monitoring from the key occupying news source to the competition information ranking can timely statistical analysis management system accurate through cloud claw network marketing, convenient in operation at the same time also greatly reduce operating costs.

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