What did not sell curve marketing at what

Do not call what "sell

". Today, I accidentally saw an article in this sentence.

feel pretty good, and some of my current marketing ideas fit.

then talk about the topic.

What is called "

" do not sell out what


in general, what to sell must be recommended that the product variety of selling points of various benefits.

is now a direct blunt sales and advertising, it is easy to get tired of psychology.

we do a product, but not directly promote the selling point of this product.

sometimes it will produce better results.

this can be regarded as a "curve" marketing.

"what did not sell out what", is a very clever, but not easy to let people resist marketing.

here I offer two I accepted "sell what do not call what" ideas:

Behind the

1 "call" cultural products, or products of the atmosphere.

advertising industry there is a saying, we do not sell steak, steak only sell the sizzle.

such as tea, do not tell my tea itself is good, but talk about tea culture, tea ceremony, and even talk about something like products.

often go to tea people should know this way.

I used to go to a shop to buy tea, this is the way people sit down, drink tea. Chat while drinking.

sometimes comes in different kinds of tea.

unless I ask, they don’t usually say how good his tea is.

talked about, I have to go, say to him, this tea is good, this time I want to.

in general this situation, but also embarrassed bargain.

This is

to sell products but crying or cultural atmosphere.

some clothing, jewelry, especially luxury goods, more good at this way, whether it is pictures or text, are not reflected in, with this stuff, you are an image of how tall on.

instead of holding a bag, said, what is the use of the skin, there are a few pockets, too good, now only XX yuan, to buy as soon as possible.

this is not the way to sell high-end products.

2 "call" a product, but a real money through the extension of the ethylene product.

this, is related to the scope of the project planning.

is not just marketing products.

probably say it, for example, if we sell a product, it is obvious that the low price, count down

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