Do not cheat flow teach you how to do traffic

now grassroots webmaster, the most headache is the flow! No flow, your station is submerged in the ocean network.

nonsense does not say, in accordance with what I say, traffic is not a problem.

First of all,

analysis of your site is to do what, simply say that the location of your keywords. We can not do without the traffic, dragging the server resources do not say, but also bring business.

I do travel sites, which I do not stand, so that others say I cheat traffic.

I think I do travel station can also, but still by Baidu K. K can not say that I do not, I can only say that some of the links I ignored part.

key words should be located around the core keywords, such as my station is the location of the tourist reception in Jiuzhaigou is the key word is Jiuzhaigou. Jiuzhaigou tour around Sichuan, Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou, pictures of the weather, and so on, and so on, and so on. Do not know how to analyze, you can go to Baidu search keywords and then at the bottom of the point where there are more than 100 other keywords around the core of the keyword search.

positioning key words after you have to let them appear on your page. Baidu does not allow excessive optimization, but did not say that optimization is not a problem! A page keyword density should be about 6-10. Too many topics in this regard, Admin5 a lot of their own research.

OK talk about the next topic.

site collection. Really very useful. Spend some money can also be included, so you can get a better position. I am in the compass, but in the home page recommended location oh. Is to chat with them, in addition to my station to do a good job. Now a lot of Web site, YAHOO also has a web site do not join it as early as possible. Better location.

friendship connection I suggest or not crazy to do. To do the connection, it is better to swap advertising position. Great help to improve your business. A small text connection, in addition to a little impact on the PR, will not bring any traffic.

in addition to search, web site, the three can bring a stable flow, the concept is also a way to fry. There’s a lot of attention, and your station is famous. Known more valuable than traffic.

do stand to persevere, there is no shortcut to go. Of course it is rich.



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