The network again offering free shipping price war banner background alarm sounding network

after Dangdang and excellence, the Jingdong yesterday also announced the launch of Eslite mall and free shipping policy, marketing channel in front of the competition advantage. The day before, VANCL aged CEO still delayed delivery to apologize to consumers, Jingdong, Dangdang, Newegg also experienced the embarrassment of distribution line. The network through advertising, marketing and other price measures stronger in front of the consumers at the same time, it came to the construction of supporting system of the bridge before the background.

e-businessmen again resorted to "free shipping" banner

a month ago to improve the free shipping threshold to 29 yuan on, before once again resorted to online shopping free shipping banner. At the same time, the opponent’s outstanding network also pick up free shipping policy. Yesterday, the Jingdong announced the mall launched a long-term preferential means the free shipping, Eslite’s V+ website is also the audience free shipping activities.

with the parking fee increase, rising temperatures, e-commerce enterprises find the opportunities. In the view of many network operators, "free shipping" is a marketing tool to attract more customers. However, some people in the industry, free shipping mode has different views. The electrical network market director Peng Liang believes that this behavior is not the free shipping international e-commerce trends, for example, in any foreign online shopping goods will make the price tag for freight. "Free shipping practices may be effective in attracting consumers in the short term, but not for the long-term development of e-commerce." Peng Liang said.

Analysys International analyst Cao Fei view, "free shipping" is actually the price war upgrade. At present, the competition mode of e-commerce enterprises in China is too single, only in the stage of price war. Only from the product, logistics, service and other aspects to enhance the competitiveness of e-commerce enterprises need to solve the problem.

industry sources, due to 3C, household appliances e-commerce enterprises in the product price than the store itself mean low 10%-15%, these enterprises gross profit rate is only about 3%-5%, the price war in the Red Sea is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry.

The rapid growth of

order logistics suffered


in fact, the price war is reflected in the current status of e-commerce competition white hot. Even Jingdong, where customers, Dangdang, excellence of these large percentage of sales network in the e-commerce market is only a number, more and more network operators in order to seize the market in succession in the terminal force.

rely on low-cost means and spokesperson VANCL fanfare, and this month launched a ground billboards, this is the Internet in Eslite advertising for the first time to enter the ground channel. VANCL and other network operators, the brand led business effect, the number of consumers increased significantly. Followed by a large number of complaints about slow delivery, out of stock or even return difficult.

Vintage issued a letter of apology that, since Beijing and Guangzhou warehouse are moving, causing the user order delivery delay. Chen said, in the relocation process, because the test.

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