The station with long net domain DEDECATES Chrome Chinese Forum

September 3, 2008 Google chrome officially released, active on the network sale to respond quickly, cybersquatting related domain names, from cnchrome to chromecn, then chromechina, chinachrome, and type have been cooked, when millet qxbug smell the taste of agricultural Chrome is already in the afternoon of September 3rd, he was surprised to find the chrome domain name is cooked it is com, CN, and, in the eyes of the circle or the relative domain investor discrimination.


initiative has occupied by someone else, consider qxbug a few minutes, it seriously do a chrome forum, and the domain name is registered with the net senior minon disdain, he finally registered and quickly resolved to their own space, and the installation of the forum software.

up to now has been included in a number of search engines, and brought a lot of traffic, from the first day of more than and 60 IP, today, the third day, IP has reached a total of more than and 500.

qxbug said he wants to continue to adhere to, concentrate on doing their own forums, so as to make the domain name to play its real effect.

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