B2B business model to the electricity supplier in the era of reform is still a flash in the pan

, such as the results of many online users, as in August 15th, the price war provoked by the Jingdong mall really ended with a funny ending. Go to discuss exactly who wins, already is not important, because the commercial architecture has created the industry gain victory with unstained swords will be the most rapid event marketing end.

The impact of the

price war is far more far-reaching than the price of the moment. To this end a lot of senior IT commentators give some meaningful answer, summed up the consensus that the future development of the Internet will enter a new era. And whether it is high traffic impact brought to the site or the logistics capacity between the manufacturer or the platform outside the capital, supply chain channel ability test, actually like a premeditated campaign. The final strategy is to distinguish the relationship between the user and the customer, change the decisive transfer of customer habits.

this is especially important for the Internet business model. In fact, the current industry environment, whether qualitative mode is B2C, or B2B, are in the description of a key problem, efforts to support emerging industries in the country increased, especially the reform of electronic commerce is the most prominent, the Internet of things, cloud computing technology integration of the industrial chain for effect the whole industry has played a decisive role.

therefore, people make such a prediction, the future development of the Internet will be fully turned to the era of e-commerce, the function mode before a lot of impossible because of the introduction of e-commerce and become clear. So, in accordance with such a prediction to achieve, as the industry portal operations as a platform for B2B business model, the results, in the end is the reform or a flash in the pan?

should be said that the length of the industrial chain industry reflects the development level of industry websites from the side, regardless of whether the site in the solution of the system is taking the comprehensive operation or vertical operation, the current industry operating conditions, the main domestic B2B e-commerce platform is the best solution to the flow of information, to share the vast amount of information and business opportunities, do some service platform to solve the electronic communication service business, but for the logistics and the flow of funds is not yet a systematic solution, more are still in the imitation.

several major domestic B2B portal is not aware of the complexity of the problem, which directly led to a lot of B2B sites in the system solution is only defined as a business model to promote the implementation of. For example, the B2B mode extends out of the B2M, O2O mode, etc.. In fact, from a commercial point of view, these models can only be called the system to solve the guiding mode, it can not be called an effective business model. From this level of operation promotion effect is particularly obvious, many B2B sites play their key platform after certain market research pioneered the first domestic certain mode, can effectively solve the problems in business operation. Have to say, such a slogan

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