What should be done after the e-commerce website

buy, promotion so that a lot of e-commerce sites in the year before the sale of an unprecedented hot, Chinese customs and shopping habits is like this, there will be a relatively light year after year performance. So, whether you are a large e-commerce site or a Taobao shop, take this opportunity to do some thinking and summary. Editors from the following aspects to discuss with you what to do.

deal with related after-sales service issues

especially for the first time the transaction of the user, deal with after-sales service is the occasional consumption into a repeat consumption, improve the quality of the conversion rate of top priority. Which returns in the service accounted for an important proportion. After receiving the return requirements of the first reaction to the user’s influence is very large, so we must be responsible for the handling of the problem of the responsible person has a set of effective return system. Ensure that the user does not produce distrust, not satisfied with the situation. To summarize the customer’s complaints and comments. (added to the sales system behind the editor, which will become a valuable accumulation of your business after the operation of the goods, you can keep a user may be lost!

continues to attract consumer activity

can not know because it is not allowed to go on sale after the year and took the opportunity to relax publicity. During this time, the volume must be low, but if you are struggling to cope with the potential to lead to the next sales opportunity, your users are being actively promoted, busy marketing competitors attracted away.

sales system

How to

years before harvest, regret in? Perhaps because too hot, there is a temporary find sources are difficult? Or is overly optimistic, when you are not easy? There are many inventory. So to establish a perfect sales system is a pressing matter of the moment. What goods are sold well, which brands are more popular, which is the occasional consumption, which is inevitable consumption…… A large amount of inventory goods exist what problem, what aspects of user dissatisfaction; the advertising and publicity, which has better performance, which is not nearly as well…… Make a complete sales system, become your magic weapon!

website’s new "decoration"

entity shop, in the off-season will be fully equipped for store decoration, to usher in a sales peak. If the user does not have any changes in the next time you come to the page, it is possible to lose.

user relationship building and using

in this regard, it seems abstract, in fact, very close to us, we QQ group, blog, micro-blog, website announcements, etc., are our good way to maintain customer relationships. Confessed to each staff to chat with the user, to provide effective help, so that our users can become friends with us, become our loyal consumer groups.

make a plan for the new year

the past year is good or bad, we have to put down, for the new

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