WAL-MART online and offline integration challenges Amazon push locker system


technology news Beijing time on March 27th afternoon, the world’s largest retailer, WAL-MART is planning to intensify the integration of physical stores and online testing technology, a new generation of storage system, in order to catch up with the e-commerce giant amazon.

force electricity supplier business

through the locker system, users can buy goods in the WAL-MART shop, then went to the WAL-MART store, take out the goods from the locker. In this way, the user can save the queue trouble, and to determine whether the items to buy to survive. Although WAL-MART in the retail industry, annual sales of $466 billion 100 million online to lead the pack, but the online sales of goods has fallen behind the Amazon and other e-commerce companies. Last year, Amazon’s sales amounted to $61 billion.

Neal, head of

‘s e-commerce division, ·, said on Tuesday that WAL-MART’s online sales are expected to exceed $9 billion this year, according to Ashe (Neil). Prior to this, WAL-MART did not disclose the specific data of online sales, and more love announced the overall business sales data, consumer trends and online ordering of goods and goods from WAL-MART thousands of stores.

Ashe said: we have the ability to create comparable to any company in the world of e-commerce platform. We have 50 years of experience in operating a physical store, combined with the company’s continued expansion of the network business, we can build competitors are difficult to rival e-commerce experience."

has a competitive advantage

Locker system WAL-MART

new, will be a test of its store and e-commerce integration capability touchstone. Ashe said that from the beginning of this summer, WAL-MART will be in the United States to provide some of the goods to the cabinet, used to store the user to buy products online, and convenient for consumers to mention.

held in California city of San Bruno WAL-MART electronic commerce media day, Ashe on the scene of a large number of reporters, WAL-MART will take a variety of measures, the electronic commerce business continues to expand the scale of thousands of stores around the world and the link, and locker system is one of such measures.

In contrast,

, Amazon did not shop in the store, such as Staples has been installed in the cabinet, to facilitate consumers to buy goods on the internet. With more and more consumers to buy through smart phones, WAL-MART hopes to use its huge physical store network, to compete with online competitors, occupy a certain advantage. In the United States alone, WAL-MART has about 4000 stores.

compete with Amazon

over the past two years, WAL-MART has been testing through a small number of physical stores, the online purchase of goods sent to the user’s home service. WAL-MART plans to test this year’s coverage from the current 25 stores, expanded to about 50. WAL-MART is also stepping up its efforts to strengthen the "gold medal" with Amazon

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