11 strange phenomenon low flow how to achieve the myth of the 57 billion 100 million

[Reuters] has 11 billion state power double curtain call, 57 billion 100 million high cold sales, Tmall did not drink and businesses were "the same song". In this field is doomed from the beginning, the business platform boon exhaustive things battle, no win-win conclusion. As in previous years, those businesses should always return in low spirits Tucao few, to vent their anger. But in the emotional outpouring, but also exposed a number of features presented this year, the double 11:

traffic: daytime do not understand the black night

in the past 11, the whole network transaction function curve are two vertical high growth, slowing down the middle flat. From this data line, we can see that 11 of the time to buy the crowd focused on the opening and the front of the midfield for 2 hours, while other time periods are low.

from the data point of view, this year, Tmall 11 with more than half an hour impulse to the first 10 billion, and then reached the top second with more than 10 hours.

morning to grab one, the shopping cart orders empty can wash sleep." Businesses pointed out that after 2 in the morning, the transaction data show a sharp decline in the background, until the second day of the pre-sale price of 6 points can be paid to usher in a small peak.

but from the transaction curve on the 11 day of the overall trend tends to flatten. This also led to many businesses worried about traffic, especially after last year’s double 11 late flow supply condition of losing, fear of the brands of this year the situation is not optimistic.

as of press time, billion state power network noted that some brands have already felt the pressure flow, especially near the end of the time, originally in the last climax at 8 in the evening will usher in did not come to the party. "Tmall every year to the end of a hub, businesses are very hard, but this is not up."

an anonymous Internet fashion brand executives to disclose billion state power network, on the eve of this year 11, Alibaba layout in UC, High German, Sina, micro-blog and many other station traffic outside the entrance, but even so, the late flow change does not make satisfactory business.

after a sharp decline in the afternoon, the venue traffic is also lower than the end of last year, but the flow is good during the warm-up, the basic can be more than doubled last year." A merchant told billion state power network.

: home appliances category of 3C polarization


11 Alipay turnover in the headquarters of the Alibaba in the studio constantly refreshed, thrilling behind the high growth rate is low, only can be explained through this paradox, is the turnover of Tmall platform large commodities, high priced goods to go beyond.

and the fact that the data during the double 11 merchants themselves exposed also corroborated this situation. Millet has become the biggest winner, not only in the mobile phone all electric TOP5 champion, still in the possession of A. According to millet official said, as of press time, millet sales have

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