Explore Amazon services understanding of e-commerce operations abroad

Amazon services:

1.sell on amazon:

Amazon marketplace, third party merchants to sell their products on amazon. Marketplace sales accounted for 30% of the overall sales of Amazon, I know the big sellers on the Amazon and eBay on the day of the sale of each of the 5000 goods. Seller system includes seller, PowerSeller and merchant, if there is no warehouse in the United States, you must use Amazon FBA service (fulfillment services by Amazon).

2.fulfillment services:

Amazon warehousing and distribution services, warehousing department according to the price of each commodity / area / day, according to the delivery of goods per freight charges. Combined with marketplace and by Amazon, third party merchants to deal with orders for the powered.

3.build a website:

by and webstore Amazon into powered by amazon:powered by Amazon is for large enterprises customized outsourcing operations, such as target (Taobao powered by is UNIQLO and Amazon); webstore by Amazon in the face of small and medium-sized enterprises, the United States tens of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises in the use of webstore by amazn and Amazon services, and can get through marketplace (Taobao and shopex the shopkeeper is cooperation webstore by Amazon), not expensive, use fee + commission month dozens of knives.

4.payment solutions:

Amazon online payment tool Amazon checkout, used in Amazon; marketplace; powered by Amazon and webstore by Amazon, than the benefit of PayPal is not subject to pay fees.

5.advertise on amazon:

Amazon of the adwoeds/adsence, the external merchants can buy Amazon ads: home page AD, search page; product details page; order confirmation page, according to the exact match of the key word, press CPC click charge.

6.amazon associates:


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