Beautiful said joint new strategy build a network of red ecology

June 15th news, the latest learned billion state power network, the beautiful said,, scouring the world for several months after the merger, the three party conference held today officially announced a new group named beautiful united group, and June will serve as the new group of CEO.

beautiful joint group conference site (pictured united group CEO June)

in the group announced a new name at the same time, beautiful united group also announced this year’s women’s consumption upgrade its new strategy, said after the beautiful united group was founded, will integrate the existing resources, including electricity, community, reds, content and so on, to serve as the female users.

beauty group said, hoping to upgrade is driven by the back-end supply chain, to improve the quality of products for women, and the introduction of network by creating red ecological chain, global fashion Master etc., in providing a wide range of goods and content at the same time, convey independent fashion female attitude, to meet the female users more personalized deeper consumption demand.

consumption upgrade at this stage yo a few features, the first is the universal consumer upgrade. The second is the upgrading of consumption patterns, from the purchase of products to buy services, the third is the upgrading of consumer behavior, from standardization to personalization changes. We would like to provide a variety of women, personalized, high-quality, cost-effective fashion consumption upgrade." Beautiful joint group CEO June said so.

according to the beautiful united group revealed that the future of group, in addition to a live + the form of electricity providers, the commodities businesses upgrade and diversification, personalized merchandise to provide complete mass consumption upgrade, also plans to build a "Red Net" ecological chain.

and the red network ecological chain will also focus on the "content", "community" and "business" of the three parts, to provide goods and aggregate content of whole supply chain service network is red, and around the content and community construction network red training system, will eventually be the Reds + electricity supplier chain opened.

from the beautiful united group to provide the data, billion state power network has learned, at present, red net platform of’s ecological economy uni has 30 thousand reds, the future will plan to attract 1 million Reds to join the platform.

"with the Red Net personal brand continues to highlight, even spawned a series of personal designer brands, in providing a wide range of goods and content at the same time, also convey the independent fashion attitude of women, female users to meet more personalized consumer demand deeper." Beautiful joint group said.

for the beautiful and beautiful world of Amoy, joint group plans through the "Share to China" and "Sell to China" strategy, not only will the global quality brand to provide to the user, will also introduce the concept of global fashion fashion Master Chinese, delivered to the user.

beauty group hopes to enhance the brand and quality

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