E-commerce is still booming, but C2C has the trend of decadence

for the status quo of electronic commerce how much do you know about? Perhaps many users are in contact with the electronic commerce, the glossy surface of the industry, how to understand the insider, but less and less.

the beginning of the new year, the electricity supplier industry gradually revealed differences, B2C and C2C received different treatment. The former is favored by investors, on the contrary, the latter has not been decadent.

, for example, one of the music Amoy B2C enterprises, the new year to obtain financing success, good music to buy also received some financing. This directly affects the tendency of more enterprises, rely on the original share Taobao traffic and user enterprises begin to B2C camp. It seems that B2C business model of a strong rise in the past ten years, and play a leading role in the decline of C2C previews.

this is also the result of changes in consumer attitudes with the environment. Today, when the rise of online shopping, consumers on the map cheap, and now, consumers pay more attention to the brand, quality and service. B2C timely and necessary, and the industry agreed that B2C is the future trend of online sales.

survey shows that now the electronic commerce industry, taobao.com is still a dominant, accounting for 83.5% of the market share, Tencent Inc subsidiary pat Network of 11.5% market share, followed by eBay eBay and Baidu has ah, the four basic control of the entire C2C market.

this once made the industry generally believe that the C2C market structure has been set, Taobao, pat, eBay, there are four independent. But Taobao since the establishment of the eBay market to beat the C2C oligarch market, the industry has been challenged Taobao high hopes pat and have been unable to achieve a major breakthrough.

insiders admitted that any kind of electronic commerce mode will meet growing space limitations, not far C2C weak period, three years or more, the enterprise is no longer than the how to make the cake bigger, but how to get the biggest cake.

, another industry believes that: "ah original strategy should be B2C, should be early to avoid the Taobao C2C edge, the future of e-commerce real potential lies in the B2C market." According to the experience of foreign e-commerce, eBay led C2C model has been weak, while Amazon style B2C companies are increasingly prosperous limelight.

electricity supplier in the past two years, the situation is gradually transformed into B2C. In 2010, Baidu to develop the B2C domain, Taobao almost synchronous paibingbuzhen. Baidu Japan’s largest e-commerce company, set up a joint venture B2C website Le cool days, Taobao will replace the domain name to spin off Taobao mall, attention to genuine businesses, and set up and shot "nameless good" at the end of the year, suddenly resorted to two B2C ace.

Tencent also quietly in March 2010, QQ member official store upgraded to QQ mall, B2C full flavor. Has been on the e-commerce business "indifferent" NetEase in the group purchase lottery tickets, special field B2C ramped "curve > Fengeng

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