Dangdang trap double 11 promotional fee whirlpool

double 11 has not yet arrived, the overall electricity supplier platform Dangdang because, as in previous years, continue to charge a high number of businesses double 11 promotional fee, and suffered a strong rebound in business.

A day before

, dangdang.com (8.24, -0.09, -1.08%) of the merchant to the media broke the news that dangdang.com has sent a letter to the merchant, require businesses to pay "promotion fee", although in the letter did not indicate the promotion fee amount, but Dangdang sales staff through the QQ to inform businesses, need to pay 5000 yuan "promotion fee".

as Tmall, Jingdong, Suning, Gome and other electricity providers have said in the double " eleven " does not charge promotion fees, therefore, the "personal independence of conduct", Dangdang strongly resisted by natural businesses. A lot of Dangdang merchants on the way to collect fees for the promotion of dissatisfaction, some lawyers pointed out that Dangdang alleged violations. Reporters on the promotional fees call Dangdang, Dangdang only to no comment response.

Dangdang for three consecutive years, promotional fees

day before doing business books Dangdang online Mr. Zhou to the media broke the news that it sent the dangdang.com "dangdang.com 14 anniversary invitation" in early October, and the invitation of the core content, is to prepare the business promotion fee "". Mr. Zhou said, last year on the invitation is made to pay a rebate for the promotion fee, and in this year’s invitation, the "rebate" option has been removed, replaced by "promotion fee".

is not only Mr. Zhou, Guangzhou, a local clothing brand financial director Xie also told this reporter, they also received an invitation dangdang. "I also noticed the change from fee to rebate promotions. If a promotion fee according to the rebate, businesses sell more, the promotion fee more; sell less the cost less, relatively fair. But this time it is directly received promotional fees, and business has nothing to do with good or bad. More risk borne by the merchant."

it is reported that Dangdang did not directly indicate the amount of promotional fees on the invitation, but Dangdang sales staff through QQ notification business, promotional costs of 5000 yuan. Guangdong red lawyer Peng Zhou told reporters that if the two sides agreed in the absence of relevant promotion fee admission when the contract is signed, and Dangdang and without the consent of the merchants agreed to, the mandatory unilateral charge this promotion fee, on the alleged violation of the "contract law".

this is not the first time Dangdang received promotional fees. In 2011, when the "double 11" and the anniversary promotion (Dangdang anniversary in November), which invested 50 million yuan promotional advertising. To this end, Dangdang to 500 yuan per household business promotion fee; in 2012, Dangdang claimed to invest $80 million to do promotion, and to the merchants charge up to $5000 promotional fee. It should be noted that Dangdang is the object of the third party merchants, their own books and electronic products do not need to pay.

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