E-commerce must be integrated with enterprise information management

according to statistics, in 2009, China’s online shopping market (B2C+C2C) overall transaction size of 238 billion 800 million yuan, is expected in the next few years will maintain a growth rate of more than 35%, a huge market space. From 1999 8848 online mall as a symbol of the start operation, online shopping after more than and 10 years of development, has been flying into the homes of ordinary netizens. From sending e-mail to personal shopping, to electronic marketing, and then to the whole process of information, e-commerce has become an important part of the lives of Internet users.

stage leap development

review of the development of e-commerce in China for more than and 10 years, experienced a personal shopping, electronic marketing, e-commerce, the whole process of information in several stages. These stages have produced a leap of change, the application of the realization from the lower to the higher, from single to rich, the function is also more and more powerful.

in the first stage, the most direct understanding of e-commerce, are derived from the understanding of personal online shopping. People browse the goods through the network, understand the goods, get information from the network and purchase channel information. Some IT manufacturers and the media, but also in a variety of ways to carry out e-commerce "enlightenment education" to inspire and guide people’s understanding of e-commerce, interest and demand. The e-commerce service provider, which is the main feature of the shopping website, has become the earliest application of e-commerce in China under the intervention of venture capital. At this stage, there are 8848 domestic websites.

in the electronic marketing stage, e-commerce plays a major role in marketing, other aspects of the business process is still under way to complete the line. At this stage, enterprises use e-commerce means to promote the brand, or to carry out electronic marketing, such as the establishment of the company’s website, send EDM and other applications.

in electronic commerce, electronic commerce in the stage, due to the improvement of technological progress and the related infrastructure, policy, online trading becomes possible, e-commerce platform has become the enterprise sales and purchase new channels. Enterprises can provide products and services through the network, and customers can also purchase and trade through the network. At this stage, the typical e-commerce applications have Taobao, Alibaba, excellence network, DELL computer website (Network Marketing), etc..

electronic commerce has become the direction of development

e-commerce through the above stages of development, making the enterprise’s operating efficiency has been greatly improved, greatly promoted the development of the economy.

, however, even the more advanced stage of e-commerce, electronic applications still have a greater limitation. It focuses on helping companies expand market opportunities, reduce intermediate links, but ignore the production and supply of back-end operations and efficiency of follow-up, resulting in the former strong after the weak, the result is the overall weak".

with the enterprise "e-commerce" efforts to increase, for enterprises, e-commerce will no longer be a new marketing channels or marketing channels, but a new

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