Discussion on how to promote the group buying website


The arrival of the era of

B2C electronic commerce, followed by group purchase era, the online shopping population gradually increased, group purchase also quietly affecting people’s life and work, has spawned a large and small group purchase website. We often see a lot of buy site development and operation, so on the site to buy some of the optimization method.

group purchase website has their own clear characteristics is obviously, such as the value of concessions, it will let many users accept the popularity, of course, it is because of its characteristics, so time and simple in operation station is not the group purchase website. In addition to the implementation of the online and simple station similar to some of the other, under the line with the expansion of business cooperation is also a very important aspect.

1 under the line to provide a good product

in addition to the online execution, other aspects of the line is discussed, a lot of group purchase website do very in this country, there are some food coupons, discount coupons, but also some things, and so it is very important to negotiate business, before many sites can not contact the next line of business, basically all the problems will be via the Internet renew, but the group purchase website has its own characteristics, its products are sold a lot of retail industry may effect to the industry, these ultra low value premise is built on the foundation and businesses arrived in peace talks, only the merchant promised, we can give the user a discount, the website can have lasting vitality, so not only is the online execution to do, offline negotiations must also keep up, assuming that the consideration of these circumstances, their preliminary group purchase the owners of the road in the operation, then There will be a lot of problems, it is possible that the outcome is the initial fast, the end of the fast.

2 online to improve visibility

since it is the group purchase website, so we cannot do without execution, regardless of whether it is what kind of product, the product quality is good, the value of how much discount, but if there is no more users know your web presence, then everything is meaningless. Furthermore, the characteristics of the group is cheap, cheap is the focus of mass sales, so there is no popularity, it is impossible to complete the bulk sale. It is assumed that online execution? In fact, group purchase station and plain site enforcement measures are basically similar, assuming sufficient funds, so it is not difficult to implement, and other site cooperation, also can do the expression of alliance, can do for, and even the local newspaper TV is necessary choice.


assumes that the money is not enough, then choose a cost-effective way, such as SEO, may do the soft execution services marketing execution, it can also play a certain effect, and a more accurate positioning. The implementation of a website is to create a brand process, whether it is the use of expression may be SEO, there is no capital investment is difficult to quickly see the good results. In addition, the site itself should also do a good job positioning, giving the user a professional image, especially on small and medium group buying site, it is best to go to the earth and vertical lines, how can concentrate on doing better

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