Campus BBS Forum promotion program

first cable engine promotion:

Baidu search Google search Sogou search YAHOO search

second site navigation landing:


classification web site home 265 web site for 123. I want to pick and choose URL entertainment

web site URL URL 79p express Meiping Wide Web site

Chinese easou Tianlaizhiyin ball

general situation, navigation class web site provides a dedicated landing, directly fill in the website information and then submit it, and then wait for the webmaster included your station

third BBS Forum promotion:

do not direct advertising: this post is very easy to be deleted as a poster.

good avatar, signature: can design a special head, promote their brands, you can add your own signature forum introduction and connection, let every corner of the Internet but you connect the forum.

post requirement quality first: the number of post posting don’t care how much, how much hair of the place, and the quality of posts is particularly important, why? Because the hair, but overall not much traffic, we post, the key is to let more people see large, propaganda own site in disguise. So the pursuit of the final flow. So send high-quality posts, focus on a little, you can spend less effort to get better results.

recommended BBS


community forum in a complete messBeijing

NetEase TOM horizon community forum forum 21CN.COM LYCOS China forum

QQ group discussion community OurGame Shenzhen community forum

power community Oriental Community Forum SoGua forum etang club

hi full forum you are BBS dynamic BBS ancient city hotline Qilu hotline

ocean Forum Forum. At the end of 39 Xicihutong Community Health University bbs

Kyushu Monternet forum 158 rising community forum Tianya virtual community

United winger Game Game Forum Forum FlashEmpire the Milky Way CCIDNET

Community Network Forum

IT168 Fujian Jinshan community forum hotline at F4 world

forum Ying Zheng

QQ forum NetEase forum Tianya TV empire Baidu post bar

fourth links promotion:

nothing to say is to find friendship connection, the link will be to improve the site {BBS} the amount of access and search engine included >

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