A number of marketing operation in the history of the Three Kingdoms Zhu Geliang Chushan five new pr


a history of the Three Kingdoms, how many marketing. Wei Shu Wu kingdoms and a history of struggle, from the perspective of market competition, which contains many worthy of marketing wisdom and skill.


this article from Zhu Geliang from this plot, insight into Zhu Geliang from grass root a little-known suddenly become Liu group CEO promotion practices, in order to enterprise’s new product marketing can benefit.

Zhu Geliang became famous in Longzhongdui, not only successful candidates Liu group CEO, also let the personal brand famous in the world, and has spread so far, being talked about. Zhu Geliang became the most influential in the Three Kingdoms period, a star product market. However, at the time before Zhu Geliang is merely a new product to the market, to make a diagnosis of it can be found that he has no high degree, neither master nor Dr.; no overseas study experience, out of a wood louse; no actual work experience. As a "three noes", Zhu Geliang’s competitive disadvantage obviously. However, Zhu Geliang is in "three noes" of the allocation of resources, through a series of successful marketing operation, make the new product. Beijing Jiahe landscape advertising chief planning Sun Wenguang Zhu Geliang five summarizes the marketing of new products from:

a, resource marriage, borrow ship to sea

every successful product and brand, there is a beautiful story behind. Such as the story of the French royal family behind LV, let LV exudes a noble color. As a new product of Zhu Geliang, the first step is to own gold, looking for a big platform for their endorsement.


Zhu Geliang is a very handsome bachelor, in particular after the first married career environment, Zhu Geliang Hill must first solve the problem of marriage. At that time there was a scholar named Huang Chengyan in Henan, have an ugly woman, named Huang Shuo, when the word, Zhengchou unmarriageable, Huang Chengyan find Zhu Geliang said, I want to marry your daughter, she does not look good, the body of large, blond, black skin. But it is very wise and virtuous, marry her to help your career. Zhu Geliang thought, Huang Chengyan is a scholar, daughter and help my career, then agreed to. And Zhu Geliang married Huang Yueying, took his first step towards the upper class. After his father-in-law Huang Chengyan recommended, Zhu Geliang successfully boarded the water mirror — that is the largest high-end headhunting company boss. As a result, Zhu Geliang successfully stand on a large platform with sufficient market influence. This makes the birth of a new product is different, like a jade with the birth of Jia Baoyu.

two, identify the target market, get twice the result with half the effort

has hydroscope headhunters recommend Zhu Geliang, second step is to enter a company. Zhu Geliang after a market analysis, define the target market, decided to let the water mirror introduce himself "

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