Flow rate and conversion rate


search engine, the use of SEO technology is the ultimate purpose of the drainage, by attracting flow to achieve the conversion of similarities between traffic and conversion? And what are the differences? This knowledge seems simple but actually very meticulous, Hunan network promotion, network marketing in Hunan or the 2 the term is the ultimate goal.


entered the universal search times, search engine market share and usage can be said to be in the leading, many people can see from their own experience, ten years ago, what is the power of the big favorites, popular said is often to remember a net network access is through the favorites, in addition to their own the special preferences and a large site, the machine redo system collapsed, very sad that many of their favorite web site. No backup lost due to a great depression, this experience, think everyone has, at this time, hao123 appears to solve the big problem, so far, Hunan SEO are admire this site, no technical content, just a large web site collection, bring traffic and bring wealth should solve the webmaster for the rest of your life, this is the embodiment of the fine Festival and thinking determine success or failure.


flow and conversion

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search engine is dominant. The ranking mechanism for transport and health, SEO technology is popular, do it also tasted a lot of sweetness, especially Taobao, said the key is actually reflect the flow and conversion rate of the amount of words, what is your website traffic? Every day is how many people come to visit? The more the better, people come to your site, only the value, of course, this should be distinguished, enterprise class name card does not matter, especially for the network marketing site, traffic is fundamental, but also to do SEO it, where to flow? The publicity and promotion of late, and the content of the web site the degree of attraction…. These are the reasons, but otherwise, the cornerstone also insist on doing a website, want to change to face changes and trends to management, so you will have to ensure the flow of time, long enough, enough to satisfy your customers fixed operations, are so many websites, with these, SEO basically do not need; but now the time message, the number of innumerable websites, a copy of the world, in this way, what is the ratio? Ratio is the conversion rate, than is the creative or publicity, the so-called


said the conversion rate, clear is that your site to how many people do not go to the tube, the key is that these people have not been on your website for the consumer, the network marketing site is particularly prominent, so the operation, more to the people, not consumption, is no good, because although you through advertising to maintain their livelihood, but to profit there must be enough conversion! Hunan network optimization is also prominent, in order to realize the conversion rate, traffic and conversion are complementary, volume, there are always people consumption, is always a right for you this kind of argument; flow.

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