Net red suction gold amazing is the golden age or bubble fate

on each less than 5 minute short video became popular in the network platform, the rapid accumulation of about 8000000 fans of the network Reds Papi sauce, recently received a $12 million investment, the valuation of billions of. For a time, many users have begun to "eager for a fight": German boy Fu to troubles Shanghai dialect Tucao foreign law, by netizens as "the male version of Papi".


from the "energy-saving" to "the left hand", from Papi sauce to Fu, "red" to have real money from the virtual world. Even predict people from the media, the future of the business is "Reds entrance". The face of the large capital hit the line, net red usher in the golden age, or under the hype bubble fate

color value and trough point coexist, "said laughing my heart"

recently, a 12 million investment detonated social opinion. It real fund, logic thinking, source of capital and capital star announced Papi sauce investment 12 million yuan, accounting for 12% of the shares; Papi sauce team holding 88%, the valuation of 100 million yuan.

Papi sauce: who are they? July 2015, Home Furnishing in the cluttered background, a young woman wearing Papi sauce Home Furnishing clothing, makeup appearance, to show the form of monologue, publish original short video content using register, through the mouth, dialect spoof, relationship between men and women comment, say nowadays hot.

, the director of the Central Academy of Drama’s graduate student, created a number of "Shanghai dialect + English is king" and "boys, be brave in the face of" double eleven "no money how to Starchaser thing" and so "slots" full of short video.

"80" netizen "Wu Miao" called himself Papi sauce "idiotic powder", has been through the WeChat public number "reward" for a few hundred dollars. "Just 35 minutes of video, Papi sauce provided strong dramatic conflicts, but also as a model of parents face, laughing when it comes to my heart."

Zhang capital founder Fan Weifeng said in an interview, Papi sauce in meet the user’s emotional needs are Tucao, concentrate, video, high efficiency, and higher degree with strong content production capacity, high degree of recognition, low consumption threshold, won the number of target range user groups.

, according to incomplete statistics, the number of micro-blog fans Papi sauce has reached 8 million, the number of public traffic WeChat almost each is "100 thousand +" video, playing a total amount of more than 290 million times the average per set playback volume of nearly 7 million 530 thousand, the amount of reading in the WeChat video client even to 1 million.

"I saw her in the women’s Day issue of" against all forms of sexual discrimination, "she was able to show a variety of girls and boys of the prejudice of the daily language, but also performed well." Associate Professor, School of Journalism and communication, Nanjing University

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