Traditional enterprises the most light transition opportunities starting from marketing

FMCG transition

digital cube first said that the transformation of FMCG, this digital cube feel the need to discuss with you, the transformation should be how to understand? It is the transformation of large-scale production tools, or production also transition or production data to be together in the view of transformation? Digital cube, transformation said today. More should go from the business model and marketing ideas. Because you can not do today is leather shoes, belts, clothes, tomorrow will be able to make a Internet Co. The transformation in this sense is not what the digital cube is talking about today. Before doing the transformation action, digital cube suggest that entrepreneurs should be very clear analysis of the characteristics of their own business.


your products in the commercial market trend, is the red sea or ocean? And focus and team skills? Blind transformation will bring vicious consequences, it will cost you a lot of energy and money cost, but will not necessarily bring obviously effect. Only in line with their own situation, and conform to the trend, but also the use of reasonable tools to transform, it is possible to allow enterprises to enter the second channel. Here are a few cases to talk about the transformation of digital cube understanding.

[jiaduobao "gold color life circle]

you should drink jiaduobao, JDB and Wang Laoji is now the country’s two largest brand of herbal tea, their protracted lawsuit events have also done a lot of marketing for their own.

in late April of this year, the transformation from the red cans JDB pot of gold, in May 20th began to send free flow activities for consumers. This is how to do it? To buy a pot of gold, jiaduobao, only need to sweep the two-dimensional code on the tank body, will be able to participate in the gold rush, a shake, grab traffic package, you can also choose to friends, this point in technology to achieve more comprehensive. In addition, 2015 pension gold line cans JDB action is very hot, the more than and 700 "gold package" issued mainly in various forms of electronic coupons, and more than and 300 pieces of thousands of gold baby, the total value of the prizes at around 70 million, but with billions of dollars each year than advertising or a drop in the bucket.

The ultimate purpose of this event is

gold cans JDB hope to use "mobile Internet plus" strategy, combined with a taxi drops, Jingdong, starry, EHI, Baidu takeaway, Minsheng Bank, WeChat movie tickets and other partners, to create a "golden color of life circle". This circle will continue to expand the recruitment of home appliances, home, finance, games, home economics and other large enterprises or online platform. Although only an event marketing level, but carrying the jiaduobao very large ambition: to create a product through the Internet platform to push them to the two-dimensional code cans on the market, the consumer guide to the line flow line, the future will be made into a APP, which is based on the marketing mode the breakthrough of the format transformation.

the whole marketing system with basic > jiaduobao

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